It is well known that the sun is the head of the planets in kundali matching by name. It is the
strongest planet and with a strong sun, a person can achieve anything in his life. It is positioned
at the center of the planets according to kundali matching by name but the sun is weak or
malefic it is capable of causing a lot of problems. It is rare to see a person’s sun in an extremely
good position but it is not rare to see the sun in a weak position. 


Our family is supposed to be our backbone in life and it is extremely important to have a healthy
relationship with them. One of the main signs of a weak sun in kundali matching by name is an
unhealthy relationship between a person and his parents. It is very tough when you don’t have a
great relationship with your family as you need their support in life. Any child has to spend the
majority of his life with their parents and many times they are inspired by their relationship with
their partner.

The relationship with your parents is very important in anyone’s life as it gives
them love, peace, and responsibility. When you have a weak sun there will be constant
arguments and disagreements with your parents which will affect you on a deeper level. Things
at home won’t be ideal and the disagreement will make you harsh towards other people in your
life. Another possibility of a weak or malefic sun in kundali matching by name may be the
problems of your parent’s health. A weak sun can cause you a lot of tension and stress over
your parent’s health problems. Whenever things seem alright one or another problem may arise
at home. 


In any career or job whenever you get successful you have a certain reputation that you must
maintain in order to be respected by people. A sign of a weak sun or malefic sun in kundali
matching by name may be a bad reputation. It may not always be your fault but when you gain
success in your profession or any other thing, it is very likely that you reach that level by
damaging your reputation. At first, it won’t matter to you as success comes first but with time it
will bother you to a great extent as people won’t respect you. In this case, the controversy of
some sort will always follow you. Even if you’re not at fault but you’ll be the one that suffers the
most. In your job or career, it will be very important to keep a positive reputation but due to one
fact or another, every time you gain success something will keep on happening that damages
your reputation. There may be a loss of position, name, fame, and respect among your peers. It
may cause problems to your family as your bad reputation may affect your social and family
member’s lives as well.