Marriage Is an art which is quite difficult to conquer, as it is really hard to find that one
perfect person yourselves. Be it an arranged marriage or love marriage, the question of
compatibilities is always a big one. And while living in a country like India we tend to
believe in all sorts of traditions and rituals that help us get married and stay happily ever
after with our Mr/Mrs. Right. Now, have you ever thought that how do we actually get to
our perfect someone? Is there a magic wand or something? Well, of course, there is, and
that wand is known as the concept of Kundali matching. 

Speaking of kundali matching, we know this method is one sure shot method to find that
one perfect person for ourselves, but do you know that how does the concept of kundali
matching actually work? Well, as for the starters the most important aspect is that of
ashthakoota milan or guna milan method. The gunas of the supposed bode and the groom
are really important to meet in order to attain a successful married life ahead. 


There eight main gunas that are needed to be matched while the marriage proposals are
being discussed by the families. The astrologers match the birth chart of the two natives
involved on the basis of these eight kootas- Nadi, Bhakoot, Gana, Tara, Yoni, Varna,
Vasya, and Maitri. Well, the guna milan method is considered important in terms of a
marriage, as it helps us determine the compatibilities between the bride and the groom.
From, love, caste, finance, zodiac, intimacy, health, longevity to familial health, all these
compatibilities are determined by the process of guna milan. 


As per the requirement criteria, a minimum of eighteen gunas should match between the
two natives involved. And if the match is less than that of eighteen gunas, then the
proposed match is considered to be not a good one and a successful one. Whereas, on
the other hand, if the match comes between eighteen and twenty-five then the couple is
considered to be a good and genuine match. But the best compatibility match is the one
which ensures the match between twenty-six to thirty gunas, and even though this is quite
a rare case, still if a couple of scores more than thirty-two matches then they would be called
an ideal and the most compatible couple.