A Guide to understanding Kundali Matching by name for Marriage

A Guide to understanding Kundali Matching by name for Marriage

A Kundali Matching is essential for a successful married life as it gives you the solutions for leading a very good married life.

Let us find out more about Kundali Matching by Name for Marriage in the steps given below.

Your Guide to Basic Questions of Kundali Matching

What is Kundali Matching?

Kundali matching is a method found in Astrology where multiple levels of compatibility are checked by an astrologer for you. It is based on the natal chart of the partners. The Guna Milan is checked and their components are matched together to see if they can get married or not.

What is Kundali Matching by Name for Marriage?

This kind of Kundali matching is done for those who do not know their date of birth. They use their names in the matching process. The names are used based on astrology. The first names of The girl and the boy are taken into the consideration. This is the only information provided, just as the name “Kundali Matching by Name for Marriage” suggest for matching the kundali.

Is the tool Kundali Matching helping people? Here is how

What is the procedure for the Kundali Matching by Name for Marriage?

The pair has to submit their latest names as there is less chance of error as that compared to the numbers. There is a slight chance that the numbers can be totally wrong with a minute difference in minutes or seconds. Hence, Kundali Matching by Name for Marriage seems like a correct option for those who are opting for accuracy.

How does Guna Milan Work?

The astrologer will have various components which will be matched depending on your Gunas. There are 8 characteristics where 36 Gunas should match, the more these match, the better are the chances of the marriage.

These are Varna, Vasya, Tara, Yoni, Maitri, Gana, Bhakoot and Nadi. All of these components have various gunas which should match with your partner. If the number is less than 18 then you should not marry that person.

Is there a Chakra called Ashtakoot?

In ancient Indian astrology, there is an Ashtakoot Chakra which will showcase 8 characteristics and 36 Gunas of each Nakshatra, this is the tool through which a Kundali Chart is compared. Every single Zodiac has an Ashtakoot Chakra.

What are Doshas and what will they do to your marriage?

After you have done Kundali Matching by Name for Marriage there is a chance that you may find Doshas. There are two kinds of Doshas :

Manglik Dosha – It is also called Kuja Dosha and it can make your married life extremely difficult. There are chances that you and your partner may get divorced.

Kundali Dosha- If there are fewer gunas matched during a Guna Milan, then that is Kundali Dosha. Your chances of getting married become less.

This was the complete guide to Kundali Matching by Name for Marriage.