A Look into the Chandra Dosha

A Look into the Chandra Dosha

The art of Kundali Matching has come since the Vedic Ages. Its prominence was practiced more
after the kundali prediction of Prince Siddhartha, of becoming a great spiritual leader, turned out
to be true. Even in today’s technological age where the concept of love marriages has become
common, kundali matching is still considered to be an important ceremony which is performed
before the wedlock so that any ill doshas or yogas formed in the couples Janam kundalis can be
looked into and the negative effects of such doshas and yogas can be deemed null and void. This
way, any future trouble, mishap, or obstacle which may result in major problems, can be
avoided. Janam Kundali predictions are made by studying the position of the 7 major planets
which are taken into regard while forming one’s kundali. These 7 celestial bodies are the Sun,
the Moon, Rahu, Ketu, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn. Each of these planets is
extremely important and it is their placement on an individual’s native chart that determines the
formation of different doshas and Yogas. This article gives you an outlook on the Chandra Dosha
(formed by the placement of the moon).

Chandra Dosha- About and Formation:

The moon is considered to be one of the most prominent celestial masses whose position in a
person’s natal chart, can be a strong determinant of the person’s future. The moon relates itself
with all the good, cheery, and colorful things in life and couples them with emotions, strong
feelings, senses, and a general outlook on life. Thus, well-placed occupations of the moon are
considered to be auspicious and bless the native with a good, happy, and successful life. The
Mahadasha of the Moon is considered to be one of the most favorable conditions which
influence the native’s life and future. However, if lady luck turns a blind eye and you are born
during a time when the moon is ill-placed, the inauspicious Chandra Dosha is formed. Chandra
translates to Moon and thus, the reason behind the naming of the dosha. The Chandra Dosha is
formed in a situation where the moon is closest to the ruling constellation of a person’s natal
chart. In such a position, the effect of the moon is at its weakest and results in impacting the
native’s life negatively. The native then suffers a life full of struggles and troubles and his plight
is often unbearable. He may suffer from severe physical and mental illnesses alongside facing
terrible financial crises. Thus, one must seek effective remedies from a professional astrologer, to
cancel out the effect of the Chandra Dosha.

Effects caused by the Chandra Dosha:

-Chandra Dosha comes with a lot of physical and mental illnesses. Mental Fatigue, body
pains, and Lethargy are common effects of the native of a Chandra Doshi.
– A native of the Chandra Dosha faces a series of financial crises in life. Even after
working hard, he fails to receive the fruits of his labor.
-The native of the Chandra Dosha also faces marital problems accompanied by low levels
of fertility and sexual problems with their spouse. They also suffer from depression and
anxiety and have troubled relations with close family and friends.

Effective remedies and cure for the ill-effects of the Chandra Dosha:

There are a few astrological measures and other measures which when implemented can cancel
out the effect of the Chandra Dosha. These are:

– One must be a devoted worshiper of Goddess Parvati and offer fast on every Monday.
– Donation of clothes, the milk taken from cows, rice and grains, sugar, silver, white
flower, and camphor, among a variety of other such things, are said to reduce the effect
of the Chandra Dosha.
– The native suffering from the ill effects of the Chandra Dosha is advised to wear both
pearl (with a specific weight) and a special 2-Mukhi Rudraksha Mala.
– The Chandra Beera Mantra and the Chandra Graha Mantra are two powerful Mantras
which when chanted regularly can cancel out the bad effects which accompany the
Chandra Dosha.
– The native of the Chandra Dosha must be respectful of women alongside treating them
with love and care. In practicing good behavior with humans and females in general, the
effect of the Chandra Dosha can be reduced or canceled out.