About Us

What is Kundli Milan?

Kundli Milan, also known as Kundli matching, is the process of calculating the two kundlis or the birth charts of the individuals who are moving towards the auspicious union of marriage.

It is analyzed by the planetary positions and the energies that it forms for the potential partners to align with each other.

How to understand Kundli Milan?

Kundli Milan is calculated through the method of Ashthakoota, which is the ancient process of matching the accurate birth charts for a charismatic and harmonious future.

This method reveals the compatibility and the spiritual confluence between the couple in the spheres of thoughts, behaviors, love, reflection, habits, health, family, career, progeny and fortune.

When the couple acquires the highest points, they are blessed by the Universe for a benevolent life ahead.

Are we accurate about the facts that we present?

Kundli Milan is the magic wand for marriage in the ocean of Astrology.

Our experts and learned astrologers go through detailed research and analysis to gather the righteous information that helps the client to decipher their married life and love they deserve.

Why is Kundli Milan important to be kept in consideration before marriage?

Kundli Milan not only helps in revealing the peripherals of the past, present and future, related to their partner and wellbeing but it also discloses the obstacles and the difficulties that might arise in the relationship.

Either a solution or remedy is bestowed by the astrologers or alternatives are suggested.