All about Kundali matching by name and how it is done!

All about Kundali matching by name and how it is done

In this era of digitalization, people are searching for numerous things be it online shopping for clothes, gadgets, accessories, personal care, etc. On a parallel line, they also search for Astrological tools to ascertain some things they should know about. Do you know a lot of people daily spend about 5+ hours collecting information about Astrology and the most vital of these searches include Kundali Matching! Kundali Matching or Kundali Milan is the ancient Indian way of checking the compatibility status between the couple in question which is done by matching their horoscopes together or Kundalis.

There are many schools of Hindu Astrology and all have a special place for Kundali Matching. Detailed Kundali Matching involves details like date, time, and place of birth. But do you know that Kundali Matching by name can also be done? The whole process of Kundali Matching by name is the same as Kundali Matching which involves date, time, and place of birth as the integrals of the matching horoscopes.

How is Kundali Matching by name done?

Kundali Matching by name is carried forward by taking out the sound or swar of the starting syllable of the couple’s name to derive their Nakshatra (of both the boy and the girl), their Charan, and their Rashi. After these details have been checked in, then the first step in Kundali Matching by name is of Guna Milan only where the Gunas (total eight in number) are calculated and the score of the duo should be above 18 to see their marriage work in the future. Only an astrologer who is very experienced with proper and true knowledge of the Astrological sciences should be consulted for Kundali Matching: be it detailed or just Kundali Matching by name. All the care of the details in Kundali Matching is taken to predict the actual nature of both the boy and the girl’s matrimonial life together.

The eight Gunas whose score is calculated from 1-8 respectively are based on the position of the moon in the duo’s horoscopes in Kundali Matching by name.

Face to face is important at the same time

It is always best to do the Kundali Milan face to face to get any type of queries solved on the spot. However, Kundali Matching by name or Detailed Kundali Matching is also available to be done on various online platforms.

The success of your marriage lies upon Kundali Matching but also upon how is your general attitude when a crisis hits you, whether you tend to blame others all the time, etc. The list goes on but what remains and should remain is the openness with which we approach things and approach people. Kundali Matching by name can only give you a certain idea of the path of your marital life. How you are between this journey is entirely in your making. This is how Kundali Matching by name works and this is why it is also important. You will get to garner rare insights into the relationship that you share with your soon-to-be partner. But if problems arise there are remedies for them.