The planet Saturn is considered to be one of the most influential and significant planets in the
field of astrology. Due to such importance nature, location, as well as abilities of this planet in
your birth horoscope, are immensely crucial.
Saturn is said to be the son of the Sun and the elder brother of the god of death i.e. Yama.
Saturn is considered to be a malefic planet but keeping aside the negativity, it might cause all
the lessons it might teach it is also known to be a planet of justice.
Based on your good and bad Karma Saturn gives appropriate results after analyzing your
scenarios and giving rewards and punishments respectively.
If any of your birth charts the placement of the planet Saturn is inappropriate or wrongly
aligned then it causes the presence of Shani dosha. The presence of this dosha may also be
because of the retrograde or debilitation of the planet Saturn.

Meaning of Shani dosha:

The notorious Shani Dosha occurs in your Janam Kundali when the placement of the Saturn is
weak ok or wrongly-placed or in a position that might cause retrograde in your birth horoscope.
Along with the wrong alignment factor that gives rise to Shani dosha, the conjunction of Saturn
with planets such as the Moon, Mars, Rahu, or any other planet also gives rise to Shani dosha.
It is noted that the planet Saturn exalts Libra and debilitates the zodiac, Aries. there is a
potential chance of Shani Dosha again if it is present in the cardinal houses such as the eighth
or twelfth house, especially of the zodiac signs Cancer, Scorpio, Leo, or Aries.

Effects of Shani:

Every dosha has positive and negative effects and so does this. Speaking of positive effects, the
characteristics that this dosha helps in inculcating are long life, authority, perception,
operational skills, and hard work.
In terms of negative aspects, it might make you go through dejection, loneliness, losses, old age
and death, and many other factors.
These aspects occurred depending on your horoscope, precisely the deeds you have done as
well as your karma, meaning it does not happen at random.
So when the planet Saturn is exhausted and enters any one of the cardinal houses mentioned
above, in your natal chart, this dosha occurs.

Impact on different houses:

The impact of this dosha is different for different houses. Along with its effect alone, it can also
be influenced by other astronomical entities which might modify the characteristics of the
planet Saturn as well as the effect of this dosha.
To have positive effects from this dosha, the planet Saturn should be present in either of the
houses- second, third, seventh, tenth, or eleventh.
If the planet Saturn is present in the fourth, fifth, or eighth house then it is considered to be
inauspicious. Remedies for the effects caused due to the presence of Saturn in ill placements
are as follows:

Remedies for Shani dosha: Fourth House:

Each planet has its favorable and unfavorable colors and so does Saturn. To reduce the effect of
Shani dosha, you should refrain from wearing clothes that are black or green and color.
With this also try not to harm or kill snakes instead consider providing it milk as an act of
showing care and concern. Also, try to avoid the consumption of milk at night.

Remedies for Shani dosha: Fifth House

If the effect of Shani Dosha is due to the presence of the planet Saturn in the fifth house then
you should consider donating any kind of nuts such as badam, kaju, walnuts, and others to
temples and also get some home and contain them in a white cloth.
Gold, a noble element, also considered to be a good remedy for Shani dosha should be kept at

Remedies for Shani dosha: Eighth House

If the planet Saturn is present in the eighth house in your natal chart then it is advised that you
should always carry a piece of silver with you. It is advised to restrict yourself from eating non-
vegetarian food.
Keeping aside the health issues the consumption of alcohol also aggravates the effect of Shani