All the details about Kundali marriage matching

All the details about Kundali marriage matching

Kundali marriage matching or Kundali Milan as it is traditionally known is the process of matching the Kundalis or Horoscopes of both the boy and the girl. Kundali marriage matching is like a compatibility test, which is equivalent to horoscope matching. The practice of Kundali marriage matching has been prevalent since ancient times and is based on the close study of the stars or celestial bodies up in the sky, known as Astrology. Many people will tend to disagree about the influence of the celestial bodies and the term Astrology and the practice of Kundali marriage matching as pseudoscience. This is not so. We don’t know where this universe begins and where it ends. We’re not alone in the universe. Hence, there is surely a considerable amount of influence of celestial bodies on us as an individual. These are all subjective sciences that flourished in the most established civilizations around the world among which was the Indus Valley Civilization too. For modern times, all we can say is if you want to know if marital bliss is in store for you, then Kundali marriage matching is necessary to check out and verify this prospect.

How is Kundali’s marriage matching done?

Kundali marriage matching is done by first collecting the information of both the boy and the girl. The details which are necessary for Kundali marriage matching are their names, their date of birth, their place of birth, and their time of birth. After this has been collected, the Astrologer then proceeds to see if their marriage would be complementary to one another or not.

What is Guna Milan? Is it another name for Kundali marriage matching?

The Guna Milan is the very thing that is done by the Astrologer. It is a part of Kundali marriage matching and not a separate thing. Guna means qualities and Milan means matching. The Gunas which are calculated are eight in total, each having their score varying from 0-8. Guna Milan is based on the Ashtakoota method. But the factors which are most looked for in totality in Kundali marriage matching are Guna Milan if there’s Manglik Dosha present or not, and Navamsa Chart.

Can I opt for Kundali marriage matching online?

For sure! On the internet, there are wonderful websites that are dedicated to delivering the finest Kundali marriage matching analysis between both individuals. The same details have to enter like date of birth, time of birth, and place of birth. But the remedies that you may see in your analysis may or may not work. That is why most people say to get Kundali marriage matching done face-to-face with a trusted astrologer around you.

How do the Guna Milan scores decide if the marriage is apt or not?

Guna Milan has 8 gunas and the total of all of them amounts to 36. If you and your partner score less than 18, then your marriage is not recommended. If your Guna Milan score is between 18-24, then the marriage match is considered to be average. A score between 24-32 is considered very good, and the score of 32-36 is excellent that could be gained by any couple in Kundali marriage matching.