Living in a country like India, one needs to be extremely adaptable in terms of traditions
and rituals. Our elderly consider these rituals and customs as one of the most significant
factors in maintaining our Indian heritage. Speaking of traditions, matchmaking is one of
the greatest rituals of our nation and we people believe in matching a couple through
predictions and superstitions. Kundali matching is an art crafted to bind two people
together in a life long relationship, as instructed by our ancestors and forefathers Kundali
matching is an auspicious tactic which helps in determining the physical, emotional, mental
as well as financial compatibility of the two natives. This process of matchmaking involves
a lot of elements and aspects, it is a full-blown procedure, including steps like ashthakoota
method, considering doshas, birth chart matching, and a lot more of such aspects. 


Now, Kundali matching is done for the people not known to each other and also for the
ones who’ve already known each other for a long time. Arranged marriages and love
marriage are both welcomed by astrologers so as to match their kundalis, but now the
question arises, is kundali matching entertained in the case of same-sex marriage. Living
in such a diverse country we have the ability to welcome every colorful tradition on our
doorsteps and approving of the LGBTQAI community is part of that vast and colorful
tradition of our country. Many stereotypes still have an issue accepting the norms and
regulations of this form of love, but on the other hand, there are a lot of people who are
ready to accept the concept of love as a common entity respecting all genders and
choices. So, even though same-sex marriage wasn’t widely accepted in our country
earlier, but now that we are steadily approaching there then why not take a look at how do
we match the kundalis of our LGBTQAI community. 


As per the norms and regulations of our Vedic astrology, even our planets have their
respective genders. For instance, Sun is the king of all planets and is considered to be a
male one, Moon is the queen so quite evidently it’s considered to be female, Mars and
Jupiter are under the male category, Venus is that of female and Mercury the prince of
plants is male but is said to be impotent. Now, as per the previous bifurcation of all the
planets under gender roles, one can easily conclude that the planet of mercury reflects the
aspect of homosexuality.  As per the astrological norms, sexuality and homosexuality are
majorly reflected in the 1st house, 5th house, 7th house, 8house, and 12th house. All
these houses contribute to determining the sexuality and the interest of the particular


In gay marriages mars, mercury and venus have a great hold in the sexuality of a person.
the existence of the male planet in female signs and vice versa contributes to a tendency
of attraction between the people of the same gender. The placement of certain planets and
their positioning in different houses determine the sexuality of the native, for instance, the
afflictions to the moon and venus mars, mercury and Saturn generate homosexuals. So,
all in all, considering all these factors together, the positioning of planets, gender of
planets, the sexual attraction of the two natives,s and a few more factors contribute to
determining a homosexual relationship. 

All these things sure can help one in generating the kundali of a homosexual person, but
matching the kundalis of a same-sex couple is nit that easy, we sure can figure out the
homosexuality of a person through kundalis, but this process can never be directly
undertaken while getting a gay couple into wedlock.