An Important Take on the Three Most Significant Factors of Date of Birth Kundali Matching


Date of birth kundali matching is an important take in terms of marriage, so let us lookout for there most important factors to be taken into consideration while matching the kundalis of the two natives.

Planetary observations

Speaking of date of birth kundali matching, there are several factors that one needs to take into consideration while two natives are about to begin their new life with each other. Living in a land of rich and diverse cultures, there are several traditions that need to be followed before the two native sets married. Traditions are such that of date of birth kundali matching give you a detailed insight into your married life. 

These traditions also hold certain sub-topic under them, and while we talk about the three most important factors in terms of kundali matching then the first one would be the planetary observations. There are nine planets, namely- Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Uranus, Rahu, and Ketu. And all these planets possess different traits, different characteristics, and different influences on a native‚Äôs life.

 Some are malefic and some are benefic, the benefic ones always act in a favorable way, and the malefic ones always throw you under the bus. So, these planetary actions and their positioning in certain houses play an important role in terms of determining factors like finance, love, intimacy, and health between the two couples.

Housing strategies

Apart from the planetary observations as states above, the significance of houses also plays an important role in terms of date of birth kundali matching. Marriage matching and binding two natives together in a lifelong bond sure is a difficult task.  And one needs to pay attention to all the intricate details of kundali matching. Speaking of intricate details, the second most important factor for date of birth kundali matching is taking the twelve houses into consideration.

All the twelve houses hold individual character traits, and it tends to influence the native’s life in different manners. Houses are even more effective when they are paired up with benefic planets, as this creates favorable conditions for the couple to get married. All the houses ensure security in terms of certain segments like that from love to health everything is taken care of.

Guna Milan Method

The third most important factor in terms of date of birth kundali matching is the guna Milan method. Planets and houses do play an important part in marriage-matching. But the most factor which is of compatibility is taken care of by the ashthakoota method or guna Milan method. 

This method consists of eight kootas, all ensuring the compatibility of the two natives. From finance, intimacy, love, understanding to health, everything is covered under the concept of guna milan method. 

So, it is highly recommended that while going through the process of date of birth kundali matching, one should always take a sneak peek into this method of compatibility.