Getting married in a country like India is a huge task to fulfill, as we have a whole lot of
beautiful and extravagant traditions and rituals to follow. Binding two people not known to
each other together is considered to be an auspicious art in our culture and this art is not
that easy to prosper. When two people tend to get together and get married there are a lot
of things we Indians tend to focus on, for instance, the compatibilities, interest of the two,
financial status of the two, and what not? If only after all these questions are answered
through the process of Vedic astrology that our elderly proceed with the rituals of marriage.

 Even though our generation is even more advanced and we at times help ourselves and
find a perfect match for ourselves, but even while entering into this kind of a love marriage
one needs to undergo the process of kundali matching. Kundali matching as we all know is
an extensive subject with numerous other factors acting as subheadings for us, there are
several methods to determine each and everything from compatibilities to life spans of the
two. Let us throw some light on all the things one needs to consider before binding two
people in love: 


This is an astrological tactic or to simplify its a full proof method to determine the
compatibility of the natives involved. It is also known as the ashthakoota method as it
involves eight kootas each and the matching of these eight kootas is considered quite
important in wedlock. This guna Milan method is broken down into eight different tests and
the score results of those eight tests combine to determine the fact that how many gunas
were matched and a Minimum of eighteen shall be matched. Now, the eights kootas are
as follows: 
–  Varna: Max of 1 point
– Vasya: Max of 2 points 
– Tara: Max 3 points 
– Yoni: Max 4 points 
– Graha Maitri: Max 5 points 
– Gana: Max 6 points 
– Bhakoot: max 7 points 
– Nadi: Max 8 points 


As we all know that everything is not actually ‘sugar spice and everything nice’ this phrase
is kind of outdated as when we examine life there are more hardships than success.
Keeping this in mind, even our kundalis are not just about love compatibility and positive
traits, but we also have a dark aspect for the same. Determining The presence of doshas is also one of the most important methods while matching the kundalis of two people. Analyzing the presence of these doshas and rectifying the same should be considered before entering into ‘happily ever after’ wedlock. Many of the three major doshas are Mangal Dosha, Nadi Dosha, and Bhakut Dosha. 


Before proceeding towards the kundali matching of the couple into consideration one
should definitely have a look at the positioning and the placements of all the houses
present. There main nine planets, name- Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury,
Venus, Rahu, and Ketu. And there are twelve houses in total. Rahu and Ketu may not be
physical planets but they have quite deep malefic as well as positive effects on the native’s
life. The financial, professional, life span, and a lot of things depend upon the positioning of
the planets and houses in one’s birth chart. 


As we’ve been proceeding towards a better and a more advanced version of the society,
so it is quite obvious that traditions and rituals will also take a turn at some point in time.
So, as millennials, we prefer digging into zodiacs more than that of kundalis, as matching
kundalis and astrology might not match our advanced modern standards so matching the
zodiacs of the two people in consideration is also considered to be a useful and important
step to be analyzed before getting married. There twelve zodiacs, each with a different set
of compatible matches. 

Not that these are the only aspects to be considered, but these sure are some of the major
aspects one needs to consider before entering into wedlock with the love of their life.