What happens when you are about to get married to the person you love, and then
when you get the kundalis of your partner and you match, and then come to
know that the janam kundalis of the both of you do not match at all? You love your
partner no doubt, but when kundalis do not match, that is a serious problem,
moreover, it is something that you usually end up dreading. Even if you do decide
to go ahead with the marriage, the seed of doubt has already been planted, which
will make you even more indecisive when it comes to your wedding day. What if
your marriage ends? What if within a few years the both of you end up separating?
What if it works out for the best? What if the marriage ends up as a failure? So
many what-ifs, and no answer for you. Kundali matching is a process where it
determines your future as well as your partner’s and what if the future of the both
of you is not meant to be?

What are the causes of kundalis not matching or kundali matching not working out for you?

Kundali matching is the process where the astrologer matches the birth charts of
the bride and groom, compare it in order to understand and know all about the
individuals, the lives of the individuals, the behavioral patterns of the individuals
that are to be married, the quirks of both the individuals and so much more. Now,
a marriage cannot only survive on love itself, and it has various other factors that
contribute to the marriage being successful and healthy, and to make sure that the
individuals married are happy as well. So, the astrologer matches the horoscopes of
the individuals where the astrologer will be able to tell if they are compatible on
various levels like spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally and whether if
they share the same level of mental understanding or not.

Why does this happen?

Usually, when the kundalis do not match, it is usually because of the dosha that is
present in kundali matching. Doshas occur when the gunas in gun milan in the
process of kundali matching are not enough in a particular koota. Confused? Allow
me to explain. Now, while the astrologer does go through and check the
compatibility between the individuals, to make sure and cross-check the
compatibility of the individuals, there are a number of methods. One of them is the
gun milan method test of compatibility. In these tests of compatibility, there are
eight important tests, where the individuals are tested through various different levels of compatibility and tests. So, these eight different tests of compatibility test of different aspects of the marriage, and there are a total of thirty-six gunas in the gun Milan method.

Now, each of these kootas has a different number of gunas, and the prospective couple has to score a certain number of gunas in each koota in order to make sure that the couple does not get a dosha in their kundali matching. When the kundali matching score is less than eighteen gunas out of the total of
thirty-six gunas, then the match is said to be incompatible and inauspicious, which
is when the kundalis do not match, and the marriage cannot occur. When the
kundali matching score is more than eighteen gunas out of the total of thirty-six
gunas, then the match is said to be compatible enough, and the marriage can occur.
But when the couple score more than twenty-six gunas out of the total gunas
available, then the marriage is extremely auspicious and the best match available.
Coming to the solutions that are available, depending on your dosha, the expert
astrologer will be able to help you and guide you through various steps in order to
lessen the effects of the dosha, or even the impact of the dosha, or completely
eradicate the dosha from the horoscopes of both the individual provided that you
follow the instructions and procedures given by the astrologer well and diligently
enough because doshas are serious and can destroy your marriage.