Are you and your Partner Compatible Enough?

Are you and your Partner Compatible Enough?

Why compatibility is something that matters?

In this time and age, relationships are something that are extremely important yet delicate.
Every good relationship requires commitment, compassion and compromise. But sometimes
even though both the individuals give everything to the relationship, it fails. Most of the
times, this is a result of incompatibility between the two individuals. This is why people put
in considerable amount of time, money and effort in order to get it checked if they are
compatible with their partner or not.

Sometimes people tend to look over things before marriage, this includes things like
compatibility, and then once they get married, they realise as to how much importance
compatibility holds in order to have a successful relationship. Though it is never too late to
check if you and your partner are compatible with each other or not. Even after marriage, this
could help the couple in sorting their issues out.

How to check if you and your partner/to-be-partner are compatible or not?

Now you may wonder as to what one is supposed to do in order to get a compatibility test
done. Well there are actually a couple of methods that one could use, one is getting
horoscopes or kundalis matched, or marriage matching by name.
Marriage matching by name is a considerably easy method in order to check if you and your
partner are compatible or not. All one needs to do during the process of marriage matching by
name, is to give in the names of the individuals involved in the marriage/relationship.

In contrast to marriage matching by name, getting Horoscopes or Kundalis matched involves
much more hassle. One needs to find a reputed Pandit Ji first and then proceed with the
process. The process to involves giving a number of details about the two individuals. The
details include the name of the individuals, date, and place of birth for both the individuals, time
of birth, and more. Adding to this is the amount of time taken by Pandits to analyze the
details and give in a “verdict”. Because of a lesser need to give in more details, time is taken to
find a reputed Pandit Ji, and then the time that the Pandit would take in order to check the
compatibility, we think that a compatibility check by the method of marriage matching by
name would be more convenient as marriage matching by name saves time and does not
involve the hassle of finding a reputed Pandit.

Be it the horoscope (Kundali) matching method, or marriage matching by name,
compatibility is something that should be given adequate importance as it is a factor that has
the power to make or break a relationship. Irrespective of what kind of marriage it is, love or
arranged, it does not matter. These methods tell us much more than just compatibility
between two individuals. They tell us as to how long the marriage would last, what would be
the life span of both the individuals, what influence would one have on the other’s career,
possibilities of a major conflict between the two individuals. Knowing these things would make life better for the people involved in the relationship, as they would be able to make
better decisions and would be able to keep a healthy & loving relationship intact.