Our Indian heritage tends to quite diverse and culturally vast, and due to these vast and diverse
cultures, the concepts like marriage are seen to be of utmost importance. Speaking of marriage
as a sacred bond, the process of kundali matching is all about traditions and following the age
old customs as laid out by our ancestors. Kundali matching aims at providing you a detailed
description about your wedding prospects. From the possibility of your date and time of
marriage to all the remedies and effects of all the issues occurred during the fixation of your
wedlock. Kundali matching works hand in hand with the planetary positions, so as for this article
let us throw some light on the effects of the weak sun as well weak moon on the native’e life.


It is well known that the moon is known as the queen of the planets and it signifies a mother’s
love. A strong moon comes with a strong relationship with one’s mother as a strong moon is all
about your relationship with the women in your life. A weak moon generally states that you will
not have great relations with your family, especially with your mother. You will never feel like
your family is with you or behind you in any sense as you just don’t see eye to eye. Moon is
essential for your social and personal life as a weak moon makes you feel alone in life.

 It can make you feel like you don’t have anyone behind you or that no one will ever watch your
back. Family is the backbone of every individual and their support means a lot to people,
whenever you don’t have that support you will always feel like something’s missing. No matter
how successful you get if you don’t have anyone to share that success with, chances are you
won’t be happy in your life. It also affects your love life as things are just very hard in your love
life and that can be due to the weak moon too. 


Sun is the head of the planets and when your sun is strong the sky’s the limit for you. However it
is very rare to have a strong sun as it can give you unimaginable power and strength in life. A
weak sun can give you many problems. These problems can be both personal and physical.
Sun is considered as the brightest star in the sky and it is often said that no one should see
directly at the sun for a long period of time. The first problem that a weak sun can cause is weak
eyesight, it basically means that you will need the support of glasses at a very early age. If you
look at the sun or study about the sun you will know that there are many colors inside the
different layers of the sun and it can make you feel very enlightened. 

Another physical problem that is common with the weak sun is color blindness. The sun is
synonymous with power and when you think of the power you think of the government of your
country. It is stated that a weak sun can cause problems with the government or it states that
your relations with the government will not be okay. You will suffer constant problems from the
government or someone in the higher-ups. A weak sun can disrupt things at your home too as it
causes a tiff between the father and his son. It causes problems between the two which may
consist of ego clashes between the two. 


A strong Jupiter ensures that you will have all the fame and fortune in your life. It is very
important for you to thrive in your career. A weak Jupiter has the capability of breaking your
spirit. It states that no matter how high you go you’ll always come crashing down which means
that no matter how successful you get in your life, you will always lose that success quickly as
things will somehow find ways to fall apart. A weak Jupiter means that you will never stay on top
for a long time, no matter how hard you work in your life things will break down in one way or

A weak Jupiter will bring a lot of bad luck and bad fortune, you will often find yourself in a bad
position that has nothing to do with you. You will find yourself in problems that you haven’t
created and will suffer because of them. Your physical appearance will be affected by a weak
Jupiter as well, you will suffer from hair loss. Many problems may come that may be diabetes,
obesity, or a problem in your liver. Your studies will be affected by it also as you will suffer from
some breaks in your studies. Your teachers will not be fond of you due to weak Jupiter.