Calculate the compatibility of your marriage using Kundali Name Matching

Calculate the compatibility of your marriage using Kundali Name Matching

There are several methods used to match horoscopes. The most accurate method is the one performed based on birth date, time, and place. But the exact day and time of someone’s birth may not be available at all times and incorrect details may devoid the final result. However, Kundali name matching helps you perform horoscope matching based on your name. 

The prevalent practice of Kundali name matching is an ancient astrology method, in which, an astrologer reviews different levels of compatibility. The basis of this type of horoscope matching is the individuals’ zodiac signs and constellation of birth. The Guna Milan can be checked by the birth date of both people or by their respective names. Both methods are accurate and based on logic. 

Horoscope Matching

Kundali matching, also referred as 36 Gun Milan, Teva Milan, Kundali Milan, birth chart compatibility, or horoscope matching that is in point of fact, a calculation performed astrologically to analyze the depth of compatibility among the two individuals in question. Kundali name matching is preferred in the entire country before marriage. 

The comparison of the kundalis of the groom and bride digitally is done through Online Kundali Matching. Horoscope matching often referred to as ‘Kundali Milan’ is the analysis of compatibility between couples in accordance with Veda Astrology. Analysing Kundali matchmaking accurately is an integral part of a happy, long-term, and successful married life. An essential aspect according to the Indian tradition prior to tying the final knots is ‘Gun Milan’.

Importance of Kundali Matching

Although many modern beings deny the importance of the ritual of kundali matching, astrology has a strong base to prove that horoscope matching is in fact, a necessary step before finally getting married to a person even in the case of love marriages.

Many aspects of married life can be accurately predicted with the help of horoscope matching. It is strongly recommended by Vedic astrology to match horoscopes to avoid any major problems in the future in accordance with Gun Milan.

Guna Milan is primarily based on the moon’s position in the natal card of the couple in question. The 36 Guns or qualities are one of the most important factors in kundali name matching. Successful marriages depend upon these 36 Guns. It is often tried to match maximum qualities in the Kundali of bride and groom through Gun Milan.

Kundali Name matching

It is very likely to experience slight deviation in the results using other methods as the room for error in details is very less. In Kundali name matching, all you need is the current names of the two individuals. So, it seems more accurate. 

As per astrology, the first and foremost reason for kundali name matching is to establish the mental and physical compatibility of the couple under consideration. This forms the basic premise of a successful marriage including their temperament, mindset, attitude, and behavioral aspects of both individuals.

Kundali name matching ensures compatibility between the spouses-to-be and is greatly considered before marriage in most parts of the country.