Living in a country like India one needs to be aware of the significance and importance of
traditions and cultures in our community. We Indians tend to follow the procedure of
predictions and Vedic astrology so as to determine everything from, weddings to life span.
I’m sure that every Indian household must have a particular pandit of their own who helps
them take the huge decisions of life. Every parent dreams of getting their child married and
be it arranged or love marriage as per the Indian norms of astrology we prefer taking the
help of birth charts and matching the kundalis of the two natives in consideration. Every
astrologer checks the birth charts of the bride and the groom as so to determine their
compatible or not so compatible life in the near future. 

Our elderly believe that it is best to be prepared for what the future has in store for us, so
even when a child is born the first and foremost step is to create a birth chart for them with
all the required information. Even to date, the readings of the birth chart are considered to
be important especially when one is about to enter into wedlock. So, if you’re deciding to
get married to the love of your life mind that you have to undergo a full-blown procedure of
kundali matching which involves a lot of steps. Firstly, the person has to undergo the
ashthakoota method which means matching the eight kootas in your birth chart so as to
determine the compatibilities of the two. This is followed by checking the occurrence of any
dosha in your kundalis and if there are any then the remedies should be taken into
account. Well now apart from all these things, one of the most important aspects in kundali matching is the dashas, or as we millennials say the ‘time span’. Now, let us discuss a little something about dashas
in your kundali. 


In order to live a successful and happy life, your kundalis shall show the best of all the
aspects, but if that is not the case and everything’s not well with you then it is said that
your dasha or your time period is not favorable for you. Dashas in kundali matching refer
to the great period in one’s life and that can be favorable and unfavorable both of that
particular native. There are several types of dashas, but one of the most common is said
to be the Vimshottari Dasha. This dasha is based on the positioning of the nakshatras, the
vimshottari dasha is usually calculated based on the positioning of the moon at the time of
the birth so as to determine the start period of any particular dasha. The dasha is based on
how our karma unfolds in our particular kundalis. In terms of vimshottari dasha there is a
particular dasha time period assigned to every planet, which is as follows: 

  1. MOON-10Years 
    The Vimshottari dasha is known from the moon as it considers the moon to be the first and
    foremost aspect from which everything escalates. 
  2. KETU- 7Years
    Ketu’s main job is to help us deal with our karmas and give us what we need and take
    away all that we certainly don’t need. 
  3. VENUS- 20Years 
    This comes after the Ketu dasha and Venus majorly focuses on the attainments of happy
    pleasures of life and a loving partnership. 
  4. SUN- 6Years
    The sun dasha depicts the energy that helps us maintain a healthy attitude and rule out all
    the negative aspects of life. 
  5. MARS- 7Years 
    This one’s a sort of a rebel dasha as it depicts a certain amount of energy and passion in
    terms of achieving your goals for the course of those 7years. 
  6. Rahu- 18Years 
    Well, now this one’s a long one and during this period it is likely that our marriage goes out
    of control as this depicts the marital compatibilities of the natives for the time span of 18
  7. JUPITER- 16Years
    Now this is a good time for all of us. After the 18 years of Rahu this dasha brings in a wave
    of joy with a possibility of children, happiness, wealth and other aspects of joy. 
  8. SATURN- 19Years 
    This brings practicality and this dasha means that it’s time to face our limitations. 
  9. MERCURY- 17Years 
    This is a fun time, this dasha signifies a time of curiosity, excitement energy, and zest.