Differing Predictions for Marriage Matching by Name- Astrology V/S Tarot


There are several aspects of the Indian culture that tend to mark the essence of customs
and culture in our country. Speaking of traditions and cultures, Vedic astrology has given
us several ways to predict the near and distant future of our respective lives. And there are
plenty of options you can choose from, but as for this article let us choose from two of the
most popular and dates concepts- Tarot reading and Astrology. 


To begin with, astrology, if viewed from a wider perspective then one would know that this
sure is a huge term and this astrological concept tends to connect us with several other
sub-topics under the same. Astrology is a process that gave rise to concepts of marriage
matching by name and date of birth. Kundali matching and other marriage-related aspects
are covered under the norms of astrology. From planetary positions, houses, remedies,
poojas, and a lot more of other customary acts are perfumed under the concept of
marriage matching by name or astrology. 

Your true marital happiness remedies to all your weak planets or say doshas everything is
covered by here. And while we compare it with tarot readings than on can easily state that
astrology tends to display more generalized predictions and not direct and straight
forwards answers. Detailed and appropriate predictions sure are derived out of the
astrological facts, but the only issue is that it takes a whole lot of calculations about your
natal chart. And especially in the modern era, the essence of astrology get’s a little lost at


Coming onto the next target which is tarot reading. Tarot readings tend to provide us with
direct and straight forwards answers to our questions. As compared to astrology this is
probably a more preferred way of prediction for the millennial generation. As we know that
astrology more or less has an Indian and traditions approach whereas, the concert of tarot
readings is more of a western approach as per what the earlier records suggest. 

The tarot cards aim to have an extremely intricate and individualistic approach towards
predictions, and it tends to cater to every person on a personal level and not just an
individual level. These cards are like face reading, one easily gets caught lying or denying
a certain fact, and moreover, these cards as compared to other astrological terms like
marriage matching by name have even more fun and quirky way of revealing predictions. 

All in all the two of these concepts more or less have the same notion which is that of
providing people with the right predictions for their near and distant future. Just a few ways
differ in that of the technique of both them and a few more others.