Do you wish to know your partner in more detail before you get married to them?

Do you wish to know your partner in more detail before you get married to them?

Try out Kundali Matching by name for informative insights into your future matrimony.

Do you wish to know your partner in more detail before you get married to them?
Try out Kundali Matching by name for informative insights in your future matrimony.
Marriages are one-time events that are considered to be holy and very auspicious. It marks
the coming together of two individuals like one, who will embark on their journey for a new
life together. Living together may sound like a cakewalk before marriage but after marriage,
one can easily understand all the weight it carries with itself. It is not just the coming together
of two individuals but their families too. Marriage is a lengthy process and requires a
considerable amount of contemplation before one decides to go with it. All the taking care of
small things in rituals in Hindu weddings is even more so because the whole culture was
designed in that way. Everything has to be taken care of. To ensure the smooth sailing of a
marriage, the initial step that is taken by the prospective groom’s and bride’s family is to get
their horoscopes to match. Kundali is the Sanskrit word for horoscope. Although Kundali
means even more so, concerning horoscope, we can come to understand its magnitude. The
Kundalis of the bride and the groom are matched before marriage to check their compatibility
status and whether their union is long-lasting or not.

Kundali Matching- not a bane

Some youngsters run away at the thought of getting theirs and their person’s Kundalis
matched. This type of loathing from a distance is very unnecessary. Time is changing and
people are moving forward. People can do love marriages and get their Kundalis matched. It
is a process that takes time and immaculate effort for a real deal. Kundali matching should
not be considered a bane. It is a tool that will only benefit the couple in question even if their
compatibility score is low or deemed as not preferable.

What is Kundali Matching by name?

Every Indian household as a family Jyotisha or Vedic astrologer who’s consulted on
occasions of marriage. Now, three ingredients make up for a very accurate and apt Kundali
Matching. They are— Date, Time, and Place of Birth. But what about people who just know
their date and place of birth but not time?

Then, there are certain methods with which the Jyotisha can draw inferences for Kundali
Matching. But how about if none of these ingredients are known to the individuals like
Orphaned children? When they come to the age of getting married, how can they opt for such
a beneficial tool? In that case, Kundalis are also matched based on the name known as
Kundali Matching by name. In India, there is stress on birth names. Birth names are the name
which is assigned to a native-born according to the placement and movements of the planets
that day. The first letter of the preferred syllable is recommended by the Jyotisha or a Pandit,
and the family is free to choose whatever they like for their child. Birth names are extremely
important for Kundali Matching by Name as they reveal certain aspects of a native that
he/she may even not be aware of. 

For Kundali Matching by name, both births, as well as the everyday name, are used by an
individual. But how is it done? The war of the starting syllable gives the Nakshatra,
Charan, and Rashi of both the boy and the girl. The zodiac sign in which the Moon is placed
at the time of birth of the individual gives us the Rashi of the person as Moon is deemed more
important than the Sun in Vedic astrology. Charan refers to the house in which the Moon

stays during the birth of the individual and Nakshatra refers to the 27 lunar constellations the
Indian sages divided the zodiac signs in. The moon travels through one Nakshatra in a day.

Guna Milan

Once all these three things are found out, then the Kundali matchmakers proceed for Guna
Milan. Guna Milan is based on the Ashtakhoota method where eight types of khootas or
characteristics are identified:

Khootas Score

  1. Varna 1
  2. Vasya 2
  3. Tara 3
  4. Yoni 4
  5. Maitri 5
  6. Gana 6
  7. Bhakoot 7
  8. Nadi 8
    The maximum scores these Khootas comprise are 1-8. This amounts to a total score of 36 out
    of which at least 18 is to be scored for a preferable marriage checked by Kundali Matching or
    Kundali Matching by Name.
    In conclusion, all these efforts are undertaken only for the well-being of the couple in
    question. Through Guna Milan, an individual’s compatibility is put to test regarding factors
    like understanding and connection, who is more likely to be dominant, mentality, love, their
    rapport in everyday life, etc. Other factors are equally important as well like the individuals’
    background, past, attitude towards life, ideology, financial status, etc. For a happy
    matrimonial life, everyone should opt for Kundali Matching or Kundali Matching by name to
    see and understand their partners in more detail and with much more consideration than that
    is to be involved.