Marriage is a sacred union between two individuals who are supposed to share the rest of their lives together with the least amount of marital discourses. And I say the least amount of marital discourses because which marriage does not have some sort of marital discourse? It is bound to happen some time or the other. And a marriage without a few fights, is that marriage at all? There are bound to be disagreements and the most important part of it is that we communicate why and what was wrong, and make sure the fight does not blow out of proportion.

Coming back to the topic. Does Kundali Matching really play a role in our Destiny?

Kundali matching is the matching of the birth charts (janam kundalis) of the individuals who are about to get married. This is done in order to make sure that the about to be married couple live a happily married life and do not have any major, life-altering discourses or problems in their lives. Janam kundalis are the birth charts of the individuals that are calculated on the basis of the exact time of the birth of the individual, the place of birth and exact date of birth of the individual, where the calculations tell us the dominant personality traits of the individual, the strengths and weaknesses, the workings of the individual’s subconscious mind and how the individual will react in certain stressful and pressurizing situations. Not only that, the janam kundali also tells us which name would be ideal and most suited for the individual (Janam kundalis are usually calculated as soon as the child is born), the career that is best suited for the individual and the most compatible partner for the individual. Also to help you understand kundali matching better, in simple words, the process behind kundali matching is simple where there are eight important kootas which have a certain number of gunas. In total, there are eight gunas in the horoscope of an individual, which are added while the matchmaking of the marriage. Each Guna has a specific and important value and the sum total value of all these eight gunas should come as thirty six gunas. For the couple to have a happily married and blissful life, it is believed that at least eighteen gunas should match with each other. If the matched gunas are or above twenty seven, then the match is said to be the best probable and auspicious match for getting married and if the matched gunas are or less than eighteen gunas in number, then the match as a marriage is not advised and is considered inauspicious.

So, yes, kundali matching does play a pretty big and huge, a major pivotal role in our destiny. It helps us choose the right and most suited life partner, help us anticipate the major obstacles and problem in our married lives, and even provides us with the solutions to various problems.