As we all are aware that marriage is considered to be very special in our society. To marry
someone, one needs to look for a highly experienced Vedic astrologer. A beautiful marriage
matchmaking tool called Kundali matching looks into various aspects of a marriage. It
embraces a certain amount of scores. Kundali matching has various benefits and importance
to all the couples who are willing to get hitched. Indian society is built and surrounded by
marriages and rituals which are ongoing and constant. The people who get more visibility
are the decision-maker of the rituals. Kundali matching is one of the smartest tools to take
forward the rituals of a normal marriage ceremony. We are going to see how scores,
numbers, and values become the pre-determined compulsion for every marriage. Indian
society emphasizes rituals and cultural values especially open for all marriage castes. In
India, marriages don’t take place between couples but also between two families. The say of
elders is considered as essential like the astrologer itself. Marriage is a strict constitution and
there is no doubt about that. Well, there are many rules that a prospective bride has to
adhere to relish in her marriage fully.


Since, we all know that Kundali matching gives a nod to certain levels of scores, without the
proper match of scores, it is nearly impossible to move forward in terms of marriages. Any
score that falls below 18 has been considered to be not a very good match. But when the
scores are equal and 18, the compatibility match is considered to be the best one. Kundali
matching works only depending upon the scores. So, the numbers matter immensely when it
comes to matching. The process is simply known as Gun Milan. Kundali matching looks into
various Guns delivered in this process. Scores are regarded as very important when it
comes to Kundali matching. This ensures that the marriage will last forever and until infinity
and beyond. So much information and a stand of attention can be pulled out of a person’s
personality characteristics and traits from a prospective bride and a groom. The numbers
hold a valid significance. in terms of rituals surrounding the marriage. The mere purpose of
scores happens to have an acceptance of the compatibility match of a partner. The purpose
of the score is simple and is crystal clear. Kundali matching let alone does magical outcomes
for those who are willing to follow the rituals set by the Vedic astrologer.


The first number ever on the earth “0” was created by an Indian mathematician Aryabhatta.
During the pre-age era, all the talking was done merely in the form of Vedic numbers.
Manuscripts were written in the form of numeric values. That is why Kundali matching looks
into numbers starting from the score of 18. Indian society emphasizes numbers and numeric
values of Vedas and Vedic manuscripts. India’s big fat wedding industry is changing fast-
paced levels. Gujarati weddings as per the rules and norms of Kundali matching look into
numbers very deeply. Kundali matching follows scores and numbers in various caste
marriages differently. Thought 18 remains the sound and fixed number suitable for all caste
marriages in Indian society. Kundali matching happens based on the compatibility of
numbers between the partners. Vedas and numbers are very essential to move ahead with the rituals of any marriage. Indian system takes much heed within the system where
numbers are considered the most. It is quite evident that every day, marriages in India take
place based on Kundali matching and various aspects of gun Milan. The scores that each
partner scores matter immensely in all areas of their marriage. The way female native
blooms concerning her score reflects upon what the male counterpart will have in his basket.
The correlation between the couples’ scores is very simple. Needless to say that marriages
cannot take place without the matching of unique scores that a couple scores. They can be
only successful after doing so in similarities. So, Kundali matching overall sees the numeric
values in comparison to other marriage matchmaking processes and tools.