Living in an Indian setting and following several traditions and superstitious norms, one
tends to believe in several kinds of prediction myths and processes. One can call them
myths in the current scenario as there are people of this millennial era who do not relate to
this ancient school of thought. But while one is residing in India it gets quite obligatory to
either believe or follow certain astrological norms and beliefs. Speaking of beliefs the
Indian traditions and rituals help us predict our future through several ways approved by
our ancient Vedic astrologers. 

Speakings of ways to predict the future or figure out certain aspects of life, one should
have a piece of proper and accurate information about such things. Concepts like
astrology involve several other topics under them like kundali matching, tarot reading,
numerology, and palmistry, they all help us predict the future and heal ourselves. So, let us
have a look at all of these through a close lens. 


This is something that I’m sure we all must’ve heard from our parents or local astrologers.
This concept of astrology dates several centuries back, and it basically allows two natives
to fall love in love with each other and then live happily ever after. 

Kundali matching is an art carried out by our Indian astrologers, and they help us form a
match for two individuals eligible to get married. Kundali matching is carried out by
analyzing the birth charts of the natives involved, and it tends to carve out all the
relationship possibilities. From compatibilities, yogas, guna Milan, doshas to several
remedies for certain issues in life. 


Unlike kundali matching tarot reading is not just a process of predicting the future in terms
of several factors like that of marriage and individual growth. Tarot cards help us by giving
us a certain level of insight and guidance into our lives. The process of tarot readings
tends to point us out what not to do in particular situations. There is no such birth chart
involved here, the entire process of carving out possibilities is done through cards. 

There is a deck of 78 cards, divided into a set of two namely- minor and major arcana
cards. The minor cards exist of 56 arcana cards that are further divided into four suits- the
suit of cups, wands, pentacles and swords. Whereas the major arcana cards are just 22 in
number, but they play a major role in a bigger picture of life. 


numerology is somewhat like kundali matching as it involves more or less the same
elements as that of kundali matching. Numerology is a part of the prediction process as
laid out by astrological science. This is a gamble of numbers, which helps us figure out
about ourselves like our strengths, weaknesses, characteristics, personality traits, and a
lot more. 

By calculating the life path number, destiny number, and planet number, the numerologists
tend to create a map of our entire life in front of us. Astro-numero is a process that is
carried out by determining the numbers behind each planet and especially our ruling
planet. As that number represents the course of your life and is central to your numeric


Yet another predicting concept carved out from the roots of ancient India, is palmistry. the
actual origination of palm reading is unknown yet, but we do know that it belongs to the
same family of kundali matching. Palmistry is an art of palm reading, where the physical
features of the hand indicate several personality traits of the individual. 

The palm readers tend to analyze certain palm lines and relate them to greater themes like
that of longevity, profession, love life, physical beauty, inner beauty, health aspects, familial
aspects, and a lot more of such concepts can be revealed by just a look at your hand. The
left and the right hand, bot have different revealing powers, like the right-hand reveals the
natural personality traits of the native and the dominant hand indicates how these
personality traits are pursued in life. 

The above-mentioned list is the ways of predicting your future, so what are you waiting
for? Go get your future predicted through these lovely concepts.