Effects of Weak Jupiter in Kundali Matching for Marriage

Effects of Weak Jupiter in Kundali Matching for Marriage

According to kundali matching for marriage, each planet’s effects have different ways to affect
you both positively and negatively. Jupiter is considered a very important planet because Jupiter
decides how long you will be successful in life. In kundali matching for marriage, it doesn’t
matter what the other planet’s position is in this matter. If you’re Jupiter is weak that affects your
loyalty and relationships in your life. Jupiter should always be balanced for any person to attain
wisdom in kundali matching for marriage. 


In kundali matching for marriage your Jupiter is one of the most important planets for your
success in life. It is not responsible for your success but it deals with how much time you will get
that success. Any other planet’s position does not interfere with the fact that if your Jupiter is
weak or malefic you won’t be successful for a very long time. It basically states that you won’t
stay at the top for a very long period. Jupiter determines how long you will enjoy your success
and if Jupiter is weak you will likely lose that success in no time. It is said that the loss may or
may not be your fault which means that you can get reckless but most of the time you will be the
one who will take the fall for things or mistakes that you didn’t commit and that will factor into
your rapid loss. People taking advantage of you and framing you for things you didn’t do is also
a big sign of weak Jupiter in kundali matching for marriage. You will feel like you’re losing
money at a rapid pace and there is nothing you can do to stop it. 


A very major sign of a weak Jupiter is late marriage in life which may be due to problems in
relationships. Kundali matching for marriage states that Jupiter should always be in a
balanced position due to the fact that it is responsible for wisdom. Wisdom is very important in
any relationship as many times people take advantage of you in relationships due to low
wisdom. Another thing that causes problems in relationships and is a sign of weak Jupiter is
loyalty issues. A weak Jupiter affects a person’s loyalty which is the key ingredient of any happy
relationship. This can be a problem in a relationship or in a marriage as well. The reason behind
a late marriage can be wisdom and loyalty which is due to a weak Jupiter.