FAQ’s people have about Kundali Milan by name

FAQ’s people have about Kundali Milan by name

A marriage can transform the way a person sees the world. A Good marriage can ensure that
the world seems a good place to be. Kundali Milan by name ensures that the person can find
the right person, one of their dreams. The compatibility between the prospective bride and
groom is checked using this process for a blissful marital life. Nothing could be better than
knowing the solution to all your problems even before they occur. Kundali Milan by name
does exactly that! Not only it shows the issues that can occur in life ahead but also tells about
the solutions. 

Many people have questions about Kundali Milan by name, so here are the answers to the
most popular questions asked. 

How new is Kundali Milan by name?

Kundali Milan by name is a spiritual process that is being used since the period of Vedas. The
process of Kundali Milan by name is not as popular as its peers, but it is not new. Many
people have checked their Kundali Milan by name to ensure peace and happiness between
their prospective better half and themselves. Since this practice is being used by generations,
this is time tested for accurate results and never fails. 

How to perform Kundali Milan by name?

Performing kundali Milan by name is not a hard task to do. You just need to know the name
of your prospective better half. If they have multiple names, one for their kundali and one that
they use in their day to day life. If this is the case, use the name given in their kundali. Write
your name and the name of your prospective bride or groom in the other placeholder to match
the compatibility. This method of kundali Milan by name is best to make the charts if you do
not have the birth details like the time and place when the individual was born. All your
questions about the wellbeing of your probable future life will sort out.   

What is the Ashtakoot method for Kundali Milan by name?

The Ashtakoot method is being used for generations before. Ashtakoot method is the reading
and calculations done according to the moon placement in the cosmos and the horoscope of
the bride-groom. In the Kundali Milan by name method, at least 18 guans (virtues) need to
match for a happy married life and the blessings of stars.

The eight Kootas (houses) considered in the method are varna, vashya, tara, maitri, gana,
yoni, rashi, and naadi. The positions of planets in these houses and their alignment can
predict the future you will have with the bride or groom and their family. 
What is the Navamsa chart in Kundali Milan by the name? 
The navamsa chart or the D9 chart is used at the time of Kundali Milan by name to find a
better and more detailed analysis of the direction the future marriage can take and the effect
that the stars will have on it in the coming years. Navamsa Chart means Nine Amsa so
Navamsa is nothing but the ninth division of the sign. Every sign in the basic chart consists of
thirty degrees, these are divided into nine parts, which gives a more in-depth analysis of the
future marriage.