Gajkesari Yoga in Kundali Matching

This is the most powerful and positive yoga during kundali matching. When a house from the Moon is occupied by the planet Jupitar, this yoga is visible in your kundali.

Since Gajkesari yoga is related to the planet Jupitar, it is likely to bring a lot of wealth and wisdom in your life. This planet also symbolizes children, money and devotion during kundali matching.The Moon will help in bringing a lot of joy and kindness in your life. Planet Jupitar just can’t occupy a position in the enemy house or this yoga will lose its auspicious nature.

Meaning of Gajkesari Yoga:

This particular yoga can be present in the kundali of many people and is formed only when Moon and planet Jupitar are properly placed.

The lords ruling Moon and Jupitar are responsible for the presence of this yoga during kundali matching. The most important thing to remember is that, for this yoga to show its full effect, your kundali should not have the influence of rahu and Saturn in it.

Formation of Gajkesari Yoga in your Kundali:

A lot of different conditions need to be satisfied for this particular yoga to show its effect during kundali matching. This yoga is likely to be visible during the Dasha of the Moon and planet Jupitar.

Gajkesari yoga will also surface out once the gods are in favor of both the moon and the planet Jupitar. If all these conditions are not satisfied, chances are that this yoga might not show its effects during kundali matching.

In case you belong to the zodiac sign cancer, you are likely to be very rich and extremely sincere towards your work as planets Mars and Jupitar, along with Moon are placed in the house of Cancer.

Therefore, if you have a strong influence of the planet Jupitar in your life, chances are that you will always shine in your life. You will also have a very calm and peaceful mind and will be blessed with prosperity, intelligence, helping nature as well as good amount of happiness in your life.

The influence of Jupitar will indicate that you are likely to excel in professions related to management, astronomy, law and administration. All this will be reflected during your kundali matching.

Effective Time Period of Gajkesari Yoga:

For you to enjoy the benefits that this yoga has in your life, you will have to think about the welfare of other people as well. If you have good amount of faith in god, this yoga will have better effect in your life.

You should always remember that god has guided you throughout your life. You should always think that it is you who has to work and make a situation good so that it works in your favor. All your hard work will surely pay off with the help of this yoga in your kundali.

Benefits of Gajkesari Yoga in Marital Life:

It is the seventh house which depicts marriage and the Gajkesari yoga should occupy this house in order to show its benefits during kundali matching.

With this yoga in your life, you are likely to have a very good wife and she is likely to belong to a very good family as well. You are likely to get married pretty early in life because of this yoga.

The married couple will enjoy a very successful and happy married life. The presence of this yoga will also make you a very intelligent, wealthy and pretty religious person also. The proper combination and placement of Moon along with the planet Jupitar will make this yoga very strong.

Color, Gemstone and Day for Gajkesari Yoga:

The color yellow and Thursday are considered favorable for the planet Jupitar. With this yoga in your life, consider wearing yellow sapphire since it is good for the planet Jupitar.

This particular stone should be placed in gold and worn in your index finger. However, there are some gemstones which do not go well with sapphire and hence you should consult a good astrologer before wearing any gemstone.

Worship of lord Shiva will also make this yoga stronger in your life. With proper kundali matching you will get to know about the strength of this yoga in your life.