Through the process of Kundli matching, we get revealed with the mutual compatibility or the understanding with the potential partner that the individual is going to get married to. It helps in discovering the different traits of both the partners and the life they are going to spend together, after marriage.

Ashthakoota method is one of the most ancient methods that was followed by the hermits and saints for matching the kundlis or the birth charts of the couple. This method is categorized into 8 different segments.

Among them, Gana koota is the sixth aspect in this Guna Milan method.

In the history of Indian or Vedic Astrology, it was found out that there are three different types of Ganas which determine the nature and the temper of the individual by analysing the Nakshatra, they were born in. The three Ganas: Dev (God), Manushya (Human) and Rakshash (Demon).

Dev Gana is considered to be the Divine one as they carry the nature and similarities with that of the Gods and Goddesses. They are quite simple at their outlook but they carry wits in their pockets and use them whenever needed. They are profound thinkers and love to donate or to take care of other people.

Manushya Gana is considered to be the Human who carries both the similarities of the Gods and the Demons. They are known to be very gentle and fragile but at times, they are stubborn as well. They are the owner of most of the wealth and economy, compared to the other two Ganas.

Rakshash Gana is considered to be the Demon, who carries the traits or similarities of the demonic aspects. It is not to be assumed that they are bad or can cause harm. They are full of temper and are adamant with their thoughts or decisions. They have the habit of getting indulged into fights and conflicts as well.

The various Nakshatras that fall under the different Ganas are provided in the list.

Dev Gana: Hasta, Anuradha, Revati, Swati, Sravana, Mrigshira, Punarvasu, Ashwini and Pushyami.

Manushya Gana: Rohini, Bharani, Ardra, Poorvabhadra, Poorvashadha, Poorvaphalguni, Uttarashadha, Uttarabhadra and Uttaraphalguni.

Rakshash Gana: Magha, Krittika, Jyesta, Satavisha, Vishaka, Ashlesha, Chitra, Moola and Dhanista.

The most of the points that needs to be scored in the Gana koota is 6. If both the individuals are of the same Gana, they acquire 6 points, except for the compatibility between the Dev and the Manushya Gana.

If the groom is of the Dev Gana and the bride is of the Manushya Gana, they are bestowed with 5 points.

If the groom is from the Rakshash Gana and the bride is from Dev or Manushya Gana, they score 0 points, except from the bride in Rakshash Gana and the groom in Manushya Gana.

It is very auspicious and pious if both the individuals dwell at the same Gana because due to that, they achieve the utmost compatibility between each other, resulting in scoring the highest points. If the couple scores the point of 0, it results in Gana Dosha, which can be solved by consulting with the astrologers.