When there is a misalignment of planets in an individual’s life, the dosha that may be present is
Gandamool dosha. The effect is stronger if the misalignment of the planets in the birth chart,
include the planets that are malefic in nature.
The planet Mercury and Ketu the south lunar node, are the reason for the occurrence of this
dosha. If you are born with these two astrological entities to be your main nakshatras or stars
then the Gandamool dosha will be present.
The Gandamool dosha is bound to be present in your kundali, if you are born under the 6
specific nakshatras.

The prominence of Moon in Indian Astrology:

For the preparation of any chart, predominantly the Janam Kundali also known as the birth
chart, noting down the accurate position of the moon is of utmost importance.
Sun being one of the powerful stars in the universe, most of the time it is considered to be one
the most important entity in terms of astrology.
Sun is definitely and important element, but as the moon is present nearer to the Earth, its
effects can be felt and witnessed by the living creatures existing on the earth. One such
prominent example is the presence of high and low tides.
The high and low tides in the sea are caused by the different phases of the moon. Thus, it can
be said that Earth observes stronger effects of the moon compared to the sun.
The exact position of the moon at the time of your birth can give various information related to
different fields of life.

Gandamool Nakshatra:

In Vedic astrology, in all there exist 27 nakshatras. Of the 27 nakshatras, six of them are known
to be the Gandamool nakshatras. Each nakshatra has a notable meaning.
The six Gandamool nakshatras are namely- Ashwini, Ashlesha, Magha, Jyeshtha, Moola and
Revathi. If you are born under any of these 6 nakshatras or stars as your birth star then there
are tendencies of you facing the presence of Gandamool dosha.
This dosha can be troublesome and give rise to many problems in your life. Of the 6 nakshatras
two of them are very worrisome namely – Moola and Revathi.

-Moola: If you are born under the Moola nakshatra, you tend to bring difficulties in your
parents’ life. You will excessively spend money, which is majorly your parent’s wealth.
Eventually, you will lose your parents’ wealth by using it recklessly.

-Revathi: If you have the Gandamool Dosha in your kundali then it is considered that the
first three phases are considered to be less troublesome. Due to this, you might be able
to live a carefree and professionally sound life.

-It is the fourth phase of this dosha that causes problems. If you have the fourth phase of
this dosha in your kundali, then there are possibilities of you posing problems for your
parents which in turn will have you lead a life with a rocky path.

The Result of Gandamool Dosha:

If two different nakshatra coincide, it gives rise to the presence of this Dosha in your
kundali. Astrologers and jyotishs believe this dosha to be one of the harmful ones.
This dosha can be harmful if the nakshatras that match are either your birth star and two
Rashis or the one can be your zodiac sign.
Keeping the negative factors aside, if you have this Dosha in your kundali you tend to
possess a natural charm and are also good looking. You will appear happy to the people
around you and will also seem sociable.

Remedies for Gandamool Dosha:

If you happen to have the presence of this dosha in your kundali, then your parents should
consider holding a Shanti Puja on the 27th day after your birth. This date just has an
auspicious value.
But this Puja can be carried out in any time of your life especially when the moon is present
in the proper nakshatras.
The other remedies include chanting of the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra and holding its puja,
donating green vegetables every Wednesday, and also worshipping Lord Ganesha.
Also donating essential items like utensils made of bronze, emerald, and offering coriander
and amla to Buddha might also be fruitful.