Get Answers to all your Questions About Kundali Matching for Marriage..!

Get Answers to all your Questions About Kundali Matching for Marriage..!

In India, especially in Hindu culture kundali matching for marriage is thought to be very
important for the harmony between the bride and groom. In the Indian culture, arranged
marriages are very common and it is hard to know the boy or girl and their family in one
meeting. Kundali matching for marriage helps in this case. Using this method the all the
possibilities of the coming life can be predicted. Many people do not know about this time-
tested method of kundali matching for marriage or can have many questions. So here we are
answering all the popular questions…

How correct is kundali matching for marriage?

Kundali matching for marriage is not a gamble how many people think it to be. The methods
are devised, based on Vedic calculations and the position of stars. The Janam kundali is
matched of the prospective bride and groom, to see the issues in life they can encounter.
These issues are found out using the same mathematical calculations only. An educated
astrologer can help you understand all the calculations.

How to perform kundali matching for marriage?

To perform kundali matching for marriage all you need is the basic details of the boy and girl
who wish to marry. The details such as time, date, and place of birth are required. Once you
know these details feed them to the online websites available to get the written report. You
can also ask an astrologer to match the kundali.

How is the scoring done for kundali matching for marriage?

The scoring for kundali matching for marriage is done by dividing the “Kootas” or qualities
into 36 parts or houses. Each house denotes compatibility in a specific aspect of life. A good
score is anywhere between 36 to 26. A score from 26 to 18 is thought to be suitable and a
score below is not well received. Such a match should not be made.  

What to do for a low score while Kundali matching for marriage

If you score less than 18 then the score is said to be low and traditionally such a match should
not be made. In love marriages, the couple feels they are compatible enough and neglect the
low score of kundali. Such a mistake should not be made. The marriage is a path for a
lifetime and the compatibility may lessen once the romantic bliss disappears and the harsh
realities come to the surface.

This does not mean people should not marry if they are in love and their score is low. Talk to your astrologer regarding the low score and they will match your D-9 charts and see what the issue is. Many remedies are available to get a good match.

What is mangal dosh in kundali matching for marriage?

Mangal dosh in Kundali matching for marriage is found when the horoscope has a malefic
effect of Mangal (mars) on their kundali. It is a general trend that people of this dosh marry
late in life. A Mangalik is a person who has this issue in their Kundali. Two Mangaliks can
marry each other. If a Mangalik and a non-Manglik wish to marry, then before marriage
treatments of this issue must be done to ensure the good health of the prospective bride and