Get the Hearts Together Using Kundali Milan by Name

Get the Hearts Together Using Kundali Milan by Name

The basics of Sanatan culture that is an essential pillar for Vedic astrology takes practice in the Shodash rites. ‘Marriage’ is deemed very significant in the Shodash customs and hence kundali Milan by name is very deeply significant. Like the time the girl or boy comes near to the suitable time to join, mothers and fathers begin to worry about their ceremony. The most important matter that mothers and fathers handle as soon as the idea of ​​a match comes to purpose is to watch for a proper mate for their daughter or son.

As soon as this research is finished, another matter appears, that is the matching of the Janam kundali of the prospective duo, which is called ‘Melapak’ in the expression of astrology. For this many parents prefer using kundali Milan by name. This is a method used in modern India too for matching horoscopes to know the harmony between the prospective couple.

In early times, horoscope matching and Kundali Milan by name were considered essential. In the modern era of knowledge and technology, Kundali Milan by name has lived only a routine, but a very powerful rite regardless the time. Astrology has limited the total number of qualities in kundali Milan by name on a separate-day basis to 36, where more than half of the qualities are supposed to be suitable for marriage

It is not relevant to decide matrimonial satisfaction based on the number of characters as some people think it to be. Most of the time it has been seen that even if more qualities are matched than 18, there is a lack of marital happiness among the couples. The primary purpose for this is to know the kundali milan by name is a point-based method.

It can be thought of as a test in which the student is declared to have failed with a minimum score of 1-
2 marks if he or she is getting a minimum score. Astrology is not so simple and concise. This method of kundali Milan by name is based on properties that are not so easy and concise. It is hard to shorten the long knowledge of sea that kundali Milan by name has, in the few droplets of the score.

Points to have in mind while kundali milan by name

The idea of marriage is to produce clean and vigorous matrimonial comfort along with admission into the Grihastha Ashram. A house full of respect and peace is like paradise in this experience. There are few essential constituents in the birth chart of a person for the experience of the events of achieving these goals.

Vinshottari Dasha is also important in kundali milan by name

Apart from the above major factors, Mahadasha and Antaradhas of fiancée or the daughter also have an essential role in kundali Milan by name, which often prophets ignore. The advent of Mahadasha Antaradha of evil and wicked asteroids on both the groom and the daughter at the same period is also dangerous to the marriage.