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They say that marriages are made in heaven and finding the right life partner to marry in
today’s modern times has become unreasonably difficult. People take rounds and rounds to
astrologers in great numbers because they know that marriage is important. We cannot just
switch up our partners according to our whims and fancies. This is where an ancient system
like Kundali Milan is of utmost help. Kundali Milan is usually done with three ingredients
namely Date, Time, and Place of birth of individuals in question. But do you know that
there’s a proper system in place known as Kundali Milan by name? Yes, Kundali Milan is
also possible by using only the names of the couple. 

What is Kundali Milan by name?

In India, people take great care to name their kids and grandkids. A whole ritual is dedicated
to when a child is named. Usually, the birth zodiac of the newborn baby decides the name of
the child. According to the date and time, his or her zodiac is learned and an alphabet
consonant to it is considered the starting syllable of the baby. This syllable is
called swar. Sound has tremendous energy and influence over the psyche and health of a
person. That is why you must have noticed some people change their names or modify their
names as per the suggestion given by their astrologer. 

Now, coming to Kundali Milan by name, both the name of the boy as well as the girl gives
the Astrologer their birth zodiac and ascendant according to which their Kundali is prepared.
The very first step in any Kundali Milan process be it Kundali Milan by name, by date, etc. is
Guna Milan. 

What all factors are considered in Kundali Milan by name?

The following factors are considered in Guna Milan, being the part of Kundali Milan by
name. We have, 
Varna – mental compatibility 
Vasya – competence to dominate 
Tara – health & well-being after marriage 
Yoni – sexual compatibility  
Maitri – mutual understanding accorded by couple’s planetary compatibility 
Gana – behavioral aspects 
Bhakoot – moon sign compatibility of the couple 
Nadi – genetic compatibility for upcoming progeny 

Can I trust the results of Kundali Milan by name?

This question folks are for you to decide. Kundali Milan by name is an ancient practice that is
still in use today. It can give you excellent and rare insights into your relationship. People get
into some toxic marriages that are hard to come out of. Situations can go awry. Kundali
Milan by name can help in preventing people get married to toxic partners by providing rare
insights and a peek into their future marital life.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your Kundali Milan by name report today to know if
you’re marrying the right person or not!