Kundali matching is that one tradition that has been deeply rooted in Indian cultures and for centuries have been successfully aiding in making perfect matches. In a country where traditions are followed with full devotion and interests, for many generations, the tradition of Kundali matching went on and on without facing any turbulence.


Until the present generation started doubting why they even need to get their Kundali matched. It is a common knowledge that love marriages are more commonly preferred by the youth and young adults of today. They go into marriages only with the person they have fallen in love with, or else they prefer not getting married at all. 

The generation has been incorrectly interpreting what Kundali matching is and what it does, and hence they are debunking its importance entirely and not getting into marriages with getting their Kundali matched prior to the wedding. 

They go into a marriage full of determination to make it work, lots of excitement and hopeful experiences, and for many, they experience everything, but at the same time, many don’t. This is something that only Kundali matching can predict. 

During Kundali matching, the horoscopes of both the two individuals are matched to know if the match is fortunate. Their birth chart is matched to see how much of their Kundalis are compatible with each other. Their Kundalis are examined together to see if together are they going to bring more troubles in their life or are they good for each other in other aspects too. Kundali matching does predict compatibility, but apart from that, it also predicts the health, career, happiness, intimacy and commitment of the two individuals and how the marriage would affect each of these. 

When a couple goes into marriage with the notion of happiness and fulfilment of expectations but instead are faced with lots of afflictions and unmanageable conflicts, the marriage seems a doomed one. But things could have been different if their Kundalis were matched prior to their marriage.

Kundali Milan does predict the future of the relationships; it also calculates what doshas are present in the couple’s matched kundalis. When there are many doshas and incompatibilities of the kundalis are seen between two individuals who are madly in love, they don’t need to reconsider their marriage. But at the same time, they shouldn’t even discredit the importance of these doshas, as these doshas are inevitably going to be the reason why love starts fading, and with immense sadness, but also relief, the marriage falls apart. 

Kundali Milan points out at these doshas that keeps the full potential to ruin a marriage. The good that comes from this is that it makes the individual aware of these doshas as well as guide them how they can eliminate or at the very least, reduce these doshas. When these doshas go unnoticed, and hence left unhandled, it paves way for the marriage to reach to its demise. 

When people go into marriages, they are doing it for eternal happiness and fulfilment and don’t, under any circumstance, want to experience a broken marriage. Though the current generation could be completely focused on technology and ‘logical’ thinking, debunking the importance of this old tradition that has worked effectively for centuries, is only leading more marriages towards unhappiness than ever. The proof of the eligibility and importance of Kundali matching can be visibly seen in the many arranged marriages around us that are completely relied upon Kundali matching.

Once we decide upon marrying someone we are madly in love with, Kundali matching will only benefit the marriage and also the individuals separately. When one doesn’t get their Kundalis matched out of disbelief, they miss out on the chance of correcting these possible ‘doshas’ and saving their marriage when there is still time.

The importance of getting through this custom can prove to be the best gift you can give to your marriage. Make the right choice for the sake of your love life.