How different is Kundli Milan by name from Kundli Milan by date of birth?

How different is Kundli Milan by name from Kundli Milan by date of birth?

Marriage is the most auspicious phase in a person’s life. It is seen that the people belonging to Hindu
background perform every step of the marriage only after referring an expert of Vedic traditions and
customs who is probably an astrologer or pundit. They even prefer taking expert advice before finalising
the marriage. The match of the proposed candidates for the marriage is guaranteed through Kundli
matching or Guna Milan. It is done to check a number of aspects, some of which are compatibility, like-
mindedness etc.

A horoscope or Kundli of an individual is a document containing the information about the position of the
heavenly bodies of the person at the time of birth. It helps determine the personality traits, future
prospects, career opportunities, health issues, and wealth projections of the person beforehand. There may
appear some cases when planets and astronomical aspects do not align well which might create troubles in
the individual’s life and these inconveniences are termed as doshas. The kundli readers, also known as
Jyotish not only create projections about the forthcoming events but also suggest various cures and
remedies for the doshas (if any) as well. With the help of the cures recommended by the astrologer, one
can even out the doshas and can prevent the problems from arising.

Kundli matching is also considered to be the crucial and foremost step of marriage. Based on the
results framed after the kundli matching only, the marriage is set forth. The kundlis of the groom and the
bride are matched to ascertain the compatibility quotient between them. People can either prefer kundli milan
by name or kundli Milan by date of birth. Both the methods yield accurate and reliable outcomes. Both the
practices seem to be working perfectly well as both accomplish the purpose of the Kundli matching.
Kundli Milan by name appears to be more favorable for the ones who do not have the date of birth due
to some reasons. At times when the accurate time of birth (including seconds, minutes) is not known,
people tend to go for kundli Milan by name.

What is the mechanism of the Kundli Milan by name?

The procedure of kundli matching is equally the same for both the choices. The only thing that varies is that
Kundli Milan by name only takes the names as input whereas the Kundli Milan by date of birth takes date
of birth as well as the time of birth into consideration in addition to the names while framing results. The
astrologers compare the differences and similarities of the two kundlis on the basis of eight categories
called ‘Koota’ which upon calculating the score makes 36 Gunas. Every aspect or koota of the kundli
matching denotes a unique characteristic of compatibility. These 8 Kootas are- Varna (1 point), Vvasya (2
points), Tara (3 points), Yoni (4 points), Maitri (5 points), Gana (6 points), Bhakoot (7 points) and Nadi (8
points). Each koota carries points as its consecutive number upon summing up makes a total of 36.
Varna explains the work equivalence of the two individuals. Vasya indicates a love quotient between the two
whereas Tara denotes future endeavors. Yoni determines sexual compatibility while Maitri signifies
intellectual and mental connection. Bhakoot indicates financial and family prosperity and Nadi symbolizes
childbirth and progeny matters. To ensure a blissful and trouble-free marriage, the compatibility count
should come out to 18 at the minimum. A score less than 18 indicates a problematic and challenging married
life. The match is considered to be a good match if it gets a score amid 18 to 25. The count range from 26 to 36 is believed to be the best match and have a flourishing, wealthy, and prosperous life ahead.
A compatibility score past 32 is deliberated to be a match made in heaven.

Kundli Milan by name solely depends on the names of the proposed candidates. The actual state of
planetary movements is directed in the kundli drafted on the basis of date of birth. Well at the end of the
day, it’s your decision to choose whichever option for determining the match, make sure it satisfies your