How does Kundali Matching by Rashi name vary from Kundali Matching by date?

How does Kundali Matching by Rashi name vary from Kundali Matching by date?

The horoscope matching by date of birth analyses the compatibility variables between the couple in question in great detail. These variables may be the eight Koota elements from the Ashtakoot technique of kundali matching or the ten Porutham factors comprising the method of Dashakoot matchmaking.

Although kundali matching by Rashi name is based on the Nakshatra level of suitability and matching, it is more accurate than Kundali Milan based on star sign. However, kundali matching based on birth information is more thorough.

Broadly, kundali matching by Rashi name is a lot similar to Kundali Matching by Nakshatra, but it further includes other factors such as logical suitability, sensual connectivity, and so on.

How can Kundali matching by Rashi name aid in marriage?

Kundali matching by Rashi name may be useful in some situations. For instance, two individuals who were named using the Nakshatra method in Veda Astrology and the birth details of either of them was lost by the time they reached marriageable age. In such situations, kundali matching by Rashi name may help the pair and the family assess their chemistry and marriage.

Matching Gunas is the initial stage in Kundali Matching by Rashi Name.

Gunas are computed, for an overall point of thirty-six. If both the individuals who are going to marry have a combined score of more than 18, the married life is likely to be a happy one.

Let’s have a look at each Guna in Kundali Matching by Rashi Name


The foremost Guna that determines and evaluates the social classes of the two individuals.


This determines who of the two will be more dominant or ruling.


Tara computes their combined health quotient.


Yoni assesses the physical intimacy of the two individuals in the issue.


This Guna refers to the two people’s mental compatibility.


This discusses the compatibility between attitudes, demeanor, conduct, and overall attitude of the girl and boy towards life.


Bhakoot discusses and analyses the financial possibilities of the couple in question post marriage, as well as their financial status.


Nadi is the final Guna that is calculated, and it discusses health, delivery, and offspring during the married life of the couple. Nadi has the most number-score among all Gunas, i.e., 8. Both individuals belonging to the similar Nadis are unsuitable for marriage.


Overall, Kundali Matching by Rashi Name is a fantastic method to determine the unknown aspects of life, such as the married life of an individual, and is likely to provide important aspects so one may have the best of their married life and not behave in a particular manner in challenging times and difficult circumstances. Kundali Matching by Rashi Name, on the other hand, is a godsend in today’s contemporary society.