Kundali matching is something that almost every individual goes through in his or
her life. This is a process that indicates the beginning of a new phase and we are
about to start or be willing to share the rest of our lives with another person as
well. Kundali matching is a process that compares the janam kundalis between two
individuals and the expert astrologer will match these janam kundalis of the
individuals in order to know if they are really compatible with each other or not.
Many of us are often attracted to the other individual in the relationship, and that is
fine, in fact, it is great if you are searching for a short term relationship, but if you
are someone who is looking for a long term relationship, someone who would like
to invest their time and energy in a relationship that will actually help them grow in
life, then attraction itself is not going to sustain the relationship.

For any relationship to sustain and last, both individuals need to share the same
level of mental understanding, the intimacy that is not just about the physical aspect
about the relationship, but even the part where the both of you are on the same
plateau of emotional compatibility, and even can share the mutual love in the

A general overview of what exactly is the Graha Maitri Koota.

When it comes to kundali matching, there are eight very important tests of
compatibility, and these compatibility tests are called the kootas. Now, each of
these kootas represents an aspect in the married lives of the individuals, and how
various factors will actually influence their marriage or not, and if they do, how
does it affect the married lives of the individuals. Now, the Graha maitri koota is
the fifth koota in the whole process of kundali matching and is also part of
the Asthakoota milan process. For those who do not know what the Asthakoota
milan process is, this process is when the individuals that are about to get married
score a certain number of points to know their overall compatibility. To be more
specific, the kootas that are found in the Asthakoota milan process in kundali
matching contain a precise number of gunas that help in determining the exact
score that the prospective bride and groom will be awarded.

The calculation behind the Graha Maitri koota.

Being the fifth koota in the process of asthakoota milan process of kundali
matching, this koota represents the mental compatibility between the individuals and the love they would be sharing for each other. This helps in making sure that there is an open communication channel in the relationship as well as mutual understanding that the individuals must share in a marriage. Graha maitri koota
helps the individuals in accepting and understanding their partner better. Now, the
maximum points that the couple can score in the Graha maitri koota is five gunas
and this only happens when both the individuals who are about to get married are
from the same Moon sign and another factor is that their signs are friendly, this
makes sure that the couple is awarded five gunas. If one of the individuals are from
a Moon sign that is friendly and the other individual is from a moon sign that is
neutral, then the individuals are awarded four gunas, and if the individuals, both of
them belong to the moon sign that are neutral towards each other, then three points
are awarded.

If the couple scores a high Graha maitri koota score, that means that the individuals
will be able to get along will in the marriage and the number of marital fights
which would be based on the differences of opinion would be relatively lesser. A
high Graha maitri koota score also symbolizes the fact that the individuals will and
are on the same mental level of understandability. But when the couple has a low
Graha maitri koota score, that means that the mental compatibility between them is
extremely low and there are high chances that they will constantly be fighting a lot
in marriage which would result in the disharmony.