Is it always necessary to do Kundali Matching before Marriage? Know the true reason here…

Your right match was born somewhere, raised in different circumstances, and with different values.
How can we be certain that everything will work in integrity post-marriage? For the same reason, we
consult a professional astrologer to judge the Kundali of the prospective partners through Kundali

We shouldn’t forget that astrology is science-based on computations of the planetary positions in
different houses. An astrologer who is well versed and experienced in Vedic astrology can predict
numerous events of an individual’s life, for example, relationship, health, and career after studying
the Kundali.

We know that in a Kundali, a specific number of qualities tally out of an aggregate of 36 Gunas, and
afterward, the astrologer looks at different factors too before knowing if the 2 Kundalis are matching.
What does it mean? This is referred to as Guna Milan by a framework called Ashtakoota Guna Milan.

What is Ashtakoota Guna Milan System?

In the Ashtakoota Guna Milan framework, 8 components are analyzed for the astrology compatibility
of the prospective accomplices. Every component is given a specific number of points or Gunas
which when added up together provide a total score of which 36 points are the highest.
However, simply matching the Nakshatra is not the lone method of Kundali Matching. Analyzing
compatibility of marriage simply through Nakshatra is not complete and other components also
must be thought of.

Important factors to be considered while Kundali Matching

Below are six crucial components that must be analyzed during Kundali Milan:

  • Life Span: The life span of both the prospective individuals must also be verified before the
    Guna Milan procedure. It doesn’t make any sense if the existence of one of the accomplices
    is short. It simply prompts despondency.
  • Wellbeing: The well-being of both individuals must be determined. A study must be
    performed if there is an odd of an incurable problem. Married life can’t be delighted if there
    are medical issues.
  • Money: A great life can’t be experienced without finances. Poverty obliterates the joy in a
    wedding and throws agonies. Thus, while performing horoscope matching, the Kundali must
    be verified to know the presence of Daridra Yoga.
  • Prospects: Even though an individual is born poor, the prospects must appear to be great.
    Marriage must be suggested if other components are also appropriate.

Love Compatibility

The study of Love Compatibility must be performed on both the Kundalis. Venus means the affection
for the spouse in the chart of a man whereas Jupiter means adoration in the natal chart of a woman.
Hence, these 2 planets must not be feeble in the Kundalis. Mars means beau & aggression in the

Kundali of the woman. If Jupiter is situated well in the chart of the woman, she will get an educated
and wise spouse.
If the position of Venus in a natal chart concerning Mars’ position in the other natal chart is inverse
to one another or in a similar sign, they are completely compatible for romance and love.

Significance of Manglik Dosha in Kundali Matching

When Mars is situated in the ascendant, seventh, fourth, eighth, and twelfth house of a kundali, the
person is referred to be Manglik. Mars means strength and energy, and the planetary position in the
Houses related to the wedding boosts the sexual intensity of the person. If a man with extreme
sexual potentiality is hitched to a lady of low sexual potentiality, their married lives will be
exceptionally disturbed.

Hence, the wedding of a Mangalik woman with a Mangalik man is viewed to be great as two of them
have the same sexual strength. Therefore, we must not be terrified of Manglik dosha during the
Horoscope matching. Moreover, this likewise does Dosha balancing in both natal charts during the
Kundali Matching for Marriage.

Among all the planetary positions, if Mars is positioned in the eighth house and is tormented, it
might cause devastation in the conjugal life of the couple. This is especially bad for women as the
eighth house is called the mangalsthan (the life span of the spouse) for women.