Is it safe to marry despite Low Gunn Milan?

To anyone getting married in Hindu culture, it is inauspicious to get one’s kundali matched before the wedding. Even when the couple doesn’t believe in the working power of this generation old custom, the family members know how essential this custom is. For both arranged as well as love marriages, Kundali matching has been doing its magic for several centuries. In today’s fast-paced time where people believe only when they see, there are thousands of marriages right around them that act as the proof of just how well their marriage turned out to be because of Kundali matching.

Very few marriages occur in Hindu cultures that didn’t follow Kundali matching and these are usually those marriages that end badly.

For the matching of two people’s Kundali, there are several available methods, but the bias is seen for the method of Gunn Milan or Ashtakoota method.

The method comprises of eight different aspects or ‘kootas’ that represents the eight different areas of married life and personality of the two individuals. Each of this kootas is assigned different scores and based on the compatibility of the Kundalis of both the individuals, they are given points according to a fixed pattern of scoring.

These scores, more commonly termed as Guna or Gunns, are extremely necessary to judge the compatibility of the two individuals in the present as well as the way in the future. The total score is about 36 and from these 36, a couple needs to at least acquire a minimum of 18 for their marriage to be a stable and fulfilling one. Astrologers often refuse matches that scored below 18 and ask them to reconsider their decision of marriage. But when reconsidering isn’t an option, the Vedic astrologers suggest various remedies and rituals that the couple can perform to reduce the harmful effect low Gunn Milan can have on them.

When people are in love and in rush to get married, especially the people of this generation who have a hard time believing in astrology and its authenticity, they are risking a bad marital life. Getting their Kundali matched might give them the bad news that they have low Gunns matching, but it would also give them time to eliminate them.

Not getting Kundali matched can result in this low count of Gunn matching go unnoticed. Along with this, they also miss out on gaining knowledge about the presence of any harmful dosh in their charts.

What happens when low Gunn Milan goes unnoticed?

A marriage commenced despite low Gunn Milan and without having performed any remedial procedures, their marriage can face one or many from the following troubles.

  1. The couple might not be able to conceive or have an offspring.
  2. The couple’s offspring can face several disorders or deformities.
  3. The health of either or both the individual could vastly suffer, from constant acute illnesses to life-threatening chronic diseases.
  4. The career of either or both the individual struggle immensely or fail to succeed.
  5. The couple might face financial instability.
  6. The couple might experience several conflicts between them that they would find it difficult to control or resolve.
  7. The marriage might start failing over time, resulting in a dissatisfying relationship in the future. In extreme cases, the marriage even keeps the chance of ending legally. 
  8. There might be trust issues, communication issues, adjustment issues or understanding issues from one or both the partners. 
  9. Their sexual life could be very unsatisfying or nonexistent.
  10. The partners might seek comfort outside of marriage, indulging in infidelity and an extramarital affair.
  11. The partner might lack harmony with the in-laws.

The possibilities are completely endless. The list provided here is only the common troubles experienced. The specific issues a couple might face because of their mismatched Kundali can only be known by either getting their Kundali checked or by waiting till the time that they have to suffer from the problems themselves.

Marriage is a life-changing event, nobody stays the same after they are married. From lifestyle to the person itself, everything changes. And no matter where are beliefs lies, Kundali matching only helps and opens the eyes of the couple to what problems they might face and how they can handle it together, without straining their relationship.