Know what to seek with Kundali matching with Mangal Dosha

Know what to seek with Kundali matching with Mangal Dosha

Hindu marriages depend significantly on spouses’ Mangal Dosha.  An individual having Mangal Dosha in the natal or birth chart is known to be Mangalik. The amalgamation in the birth chart where Mars is positioned in either of 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th, or 12th houses is called Mangal Dosha or Kuja Dosha illustrated by kundali matching with Mangal Dosha. If not taken into consideration, Mangal Dosha leads to an unsuccessful marriage, causes tension and mental stress.

There is an abundance of online calculators that compute Kundali Matching with Mangal Dosha. Any person can check if they have Mangal Dosha in their Kundali or not without any hassle. Any individual who has Mangal Dosha present in his kundali is considered to be Manglik. Both men and women are uniformly affected by the most common Doshas found in kundalis, Mangal Dosha.

Mangal Dosha

The placement of Mars in each house depicted by kundali matching with Mangal Dosha means different casualties in one’s life. Placement of Mars in the 1st, 2nd, or 7th house causes complications in family and marriage. The professional aspect is negatively affected if Mars is placed in the 4th house. Placement of the planet in the 12th house results in mental stress. One may lose the paternal property if Mars is placed in the 8th house.

According to Vedic astrology, it takes 28 years for Mangal Dosh to get nullified in the case of both girl and boy. The effects of Mangal Dosh are canceled if the person is born on a Tuesday. Marriage between a mangalik and a non-mangalik, as predicted by kundali matching with Mangal Dosha, is believed to be unhealthy and dangerous which may even lead to the death of a partner. And the union between two individuals who have Mangal Dosha nullifies the drastic effects of Mangal Dosha.  Mangal or Mars signifies masculine energy. So, a Manglik boy is not as unacceptable as a Mangalik girl in society.

People born with Mangal Dosha are generally aggressive in nature and are often short-tempered.  Mangalik person takes his or her partner as a competitor which is mostly the cause of argument between the two.


Along with Lagna chart, the presence of mangal dosha must be checked in Moon and Venus charts as well in the Kundali matching with Mangal Dosha. A person is considered non-mangalik only when all the above-mentioned charts are unaffected by Mars.

Mangal Dosha stands nullified because of several combinations of other planets and Mars with its state and position of the house in the horoscope.  There are several other remedies to nullify the effects of Mangal Dosha and help couples to lead a prosperous married life.