Knowing the Influence of Rahu When Placed in the 2nd House


Kundali Matching is an age-old technique that originated in the Vedic Ages and is still widely
practiced in today’s modern times. Kundali Matching is related to marriage and is a concept that
is used to check compatibility levels between two individuals who are going to be tied in the
bond of marriage. Kundali matching is a vast and in-depth process with many factors associated
with it. The most important factor in kundali matching is the concept of Janam kundalis. The
Janam Kundali is nothing but a snapshot of the sky at the exact time and date of birth. This
snapshot shows the exact positions of the important planets like Venus, Mars, Mercury, Rahu,
Jupiter, Saturn, Ketu, Sun, Moon, and other planets and also their positions in specific houses.
These positions tell a lot about the individual and their lives like personality, outlook, healthy,
progeny, financial perspectives, etc. These compatibility levels are checked to ensure that the
couple has a happy and healthy marriage life and embrace marital bliss in all forms. Kundali
matching is capable of predicting many things including things like whether the couple shares
common interests, love, and affection and the areas which can hamper their marriage. In this
way, the couple gets a headstart into their married lives and work at strengthening the negatives
and flourishing in the positives. Just like kundali matching predicts these, it also shows the
formation of doshas and yogas in a couple’s kundalis. These doshas and yogas are formed due to
planetary positions in different houses. It has the power to both negatively and positively impact
the native’s life. Each planet and each position have different meanings. This article will give
you an outlook on how the planet Rahu’s position impacts the native when placed in the second
house in the chart.

Role of Rahu in the 2nd House of the Natal Chart

Rahu is considered to be a shadow planet and it is one out of the two karmic planets. Rahu
expresses human desire. Rahu being a shadow planet, does not have any physical existence yet,
plays an important role in affecting the individual’s life and whose chart it has a strong influence.
The second house of the natal chart is a symbolism of the family members and familial
relationships. If a malefic planet gets placed in the individual’s 2nd house, the native will not get
the support of his/her family members. Their family life will be filled with conflicts and
arguments that would ruin sweet relations. Marriage also comes in the family life therefore there
are high chances that the native’s married life will be rocky as well. The Second House is also
related to speech and communication. The native may be a good person at heart but will face
problems in expressing the same and resort to harsh words instead. The native who has Rahu in
the 2nd House gets lucky only after the age of 34. After 34 he may benefit in terms of finance
but not before. Before this, the native may face certain hurdles and obstacles in finding a means
for obtaining a stable income. His life may also weave its way into such a period where he may
need to seek help from others and depend on them. If Rahu is in an aspect or turns malefic, the
entire situation turns way worse. However, certain astrological remedies have been prescribed to
cancel or reduce the effect of Rahu in the 2nd House. 

Remedies to be Applied: 

 The Durga Mantra is considered to be the most powerful mantra for malefic planets such
as Rahu. The native may chant the Durga mantra and also the Beej Mantra on a regular

 The native is advised to buy a solid ball of silver and store this in his pocket, wherever he
goes. This apparently can reduce the effects and protect the native.
 The native should be respectful to women in general and their mothers specifically. 
 It is believed that the person who has the presence of Rahu in any house of their chart,
should not accept any electronic or electric items from the in-laws.