kundali matching myths

Kundali matching has been an age-old tradition in India. This is a very old art of Vedic
astrology and has a lot of importance attached to it.
Kundali matching is not only done to check the level of compatibility between the bride and
groom but is also used to see whether or not two people coming into a business partnership
with one another are compatible enough.
However, due to inadequate knowledge and poor understanding of this concept of
kundali matching, there are a lot of myths attached to it. Many people have false
perceptions about this art and hence they choose not to hold any belief in it.
It is extremely important for you to have a good amount of knowledge about kundali
matching before you try to perform or witness this tradition. Here are a few myths
associated with kundali matching.

Mangal Dosha in Kundali:

This particular dosha is an extremely unlucky one. Most people, therefore, believe that if
Mangal dosha is there in the kundali of either the bride or the groom, then chances are that
marriage between the two is just not possible.
The person who has Mangal dosha in his/her kundali is said to be Manglik and there is a
huge chance that the marriage of such a person will break soon. But, you need to remember
that this is simply a myth and has certain proofs to back it up.
There have been instances when people with this dosha in their kundali got married and
had a happy as well as long-lasting marriage with one another. Certain remedies can be
used to eliminate the mangal dosha from your kundali.
Proper Kundali matching and happy marriage:
People normally think that if the kundali of the boy and the girl match perfectly according to
the Ashtakoot method then such a couple will automatically have a happy married life.
However, this is a myth too, and has been proven over time. There were many couples
whose maximum gunas matched and their kundalis showed them compatible. But, their
marriage was a failure and they were never happy as a couple.
Therefore, you need to keep this in mind that a kundali matching will not guarantee that
you will necessarily have a happy married life with your partner. You need to put in a lot of
effort yourself too.

Astrologers faking kundali:

Kundali matching is done with the help of a good astrologer and you tend to put full faith in
him/her. However, many astrologers tend your kundali wrongly.

They do so in order to earn extra money. They will purposely show that your kundali hs
doshas and flaws in it. This will force you to perform lengthy procedures to cure such
doshas. All this requires money which goes in the pocket of the astrologer.
Therefore, you have to be extremely careful and should not consider everything that the
astrologer says. You are also advised to consult a well reputed and trustworthy astrologer to
get kundali matching done.

Kundali matching gana:

There are three different kinds of ganas which are considered in kundali matching. These are,
humans, demons, and gods. Today, the meaning of gana is used to check the dominating
trait of the bride and the groom.
It is believed, that if both the bride and the groom belong to the same gana, then they form
a perfect couple. But if they have different gana then the marriage is not considered fit.
However, this particular element has lost its importance now because now people don’t
mind marrying even if the girl has dominant traits than the boy.

Kundali matching is important only in Hinduism:

A lot of you feel that the tradition of kundali matching is not so prevalent in other religions
and still, people have successful marriages. The most surprising thing is that none of the
Hindu scriptures say anything about the process of kundali matching.
As a result, this particular tradition is losing its importance with time and generation.
However, kundali matching should be given some importance as to a small extent, it will
give you a rough idea about how your life will be after marriage. It might also help you find
solutions to certain problems in your life.