People tend to underestimate kundali matching. I say this from experience
because one of my close friends was madly in love and in a relationship with her
partner and they were more than ready to take the next step in their relationship
which was marriage. Mainly because they were in their late twenties and they
thought that it was the time with wedding season near and someone or the other
in our group was getting married or engaged, and they were in a relationship for
the last three years as well. Their parents were extremely supportive, but the only
condition of her parents were that they should get their kundalis matched. They
were more than willing to accept her choice of partner and loved him when they
met him. So, they got their kundalis matched and it turned out that they were not
compatible with each other, and within two years of their marriage, her partner
would die. This obviously scared them and definitely put a halt to their dreams of
marriage and future planning. A lot of what ifs started arising and created
problems. Eventually they did separate and ended up marrying different partners.
I recently met the both of them and both of them said that they were happier
with their current partner and in the long run they not only would have not
lasted, but also that they would have missed out on the opportunity of meeting
their true and much better suited life partners.

So, what is kundali matching, and what are its benefits?

Kundali matching is matching, analyzing, comparing, and determining the
janam kundalis of the individuals. Now, the results of every kundali matching
between different couples are going to be different because kundali matching is
heavily dependent on the janam kundalis of both the individuals that are about to
get married and the janam kundalis of every individual is different, and it is
believed and said that there are no two people who have the same Janam kundali,
even when it comes to twins or triplets.
So, what are the benefits of kundali matching?

Kundali matching determines the compatibility between the two individuals that are going to be married.

Kundali matching calculates the compatibility between the couple on the basis of
their date of birth, the time of birth, and the place of birth. More so over, janam kundalis tell us everything about the individuals who are going to be united in marriage. It tells us about their likes and dislikes, how they are when they are in the presence of people, how they are when they are by themselves, and so on.
Kundali matching also matches the genetic and hereditary features.
Kundali matching also matches the genetic and hereditary features, whether
there will be genetic defects with their future offspring, how the offspring of the
couple will be, will it be a healthy and happy child, and everything in-between as
well. Not only that, but it also tells us how many children or will the couple have
children, will the child bring happiness in their life, and how healthy will the child
be. Kundali matching also tells us about the relationships the individuals in
marriage will share with their in-laws and other members of the family.
Kundali matching also tells us about the relationship the prospective bride or
groom will share with their in-laws. Whether it will be a happy relationship or a
sad relationship with their in-laws. Because if they do not share a happy
relationship with the other members of the family, then the harmony of the
house will be disrupted and there would not be peace in the house. And if there is
no peace in the house, the relationship between the couple will turn to be sour
and cause a lot of problems as well.