Kundali matching as per traditions

We have seen in our civilization that before the marriage, the parents of the bride and groom visit their astrologers to examine their kundali. This technique is an ancient belief that is still followed religiously.  

The modern generation may find it tough to understand these traditions and, due to the perseverance of their families, often participate in them. In this beginner’s guide article on kundali matching by nakshatra we give you some fundamental knowledge about this tradition, how it functions, and what is the concept behind this process.  

This information can provide you a better understanding of the entire process so that when it is your turn to ascertain your kundali matching by nakshatra, it is not because of this simple point, but through enthusiastic participation.  

The knowledge and suggestion you gain from this study can provide you with the essential information about your compatibility with your partner and family, and can also tell you whether there are doshas in the box that need to be rectified.  

Guna Milan 

Guna Milan is also known as Ashtakoota Milan is the most typically used strategy of kundali matching by nakshatra.  

 Janam Rashi and Nakashatra of the couple are given, on the basis of which 8 matches were carried out. Each test generates a distinct number of scores, which are calculated to get a total score.  

It believes that if the aggregate score is less than 18, the husband and wife are not in symmetry and marriage should be avoided. Scores between 18 and 24 are considered intermediate, and the agreement is acceptable. The score is between 25 and 32, and the kundali matching by nakshatra is very promising. Their gunas scores are all above 32, so they are couples of the same nature, and it is highly recommended that they get united. 

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8 tests are: 


 This test distinguishes the Varna of the groom and the bride. The groom’s Varna must be considerable or equal to the bride’s Varna to be a decent match for kundali matching by nakshatra. 

 Your game score is equal to 1 point.  


Vashya is a testament to the devotion, loyalty and dedication of the husband and wife.  

His match result is equivalent to 2.  


Tara evaluates the health facets of her compatibility. This is done by distinguishing each person’s birth star.  

Your match score is equal to 3.  


 Yoni evaluates the physical and sexual compatibility between the two of you. They are depicted by 14 different animals, each of which has 2 Yashas.  

 Your match score is equal to 4.  


Graha Maitri infers the strength and love compatibility between the two of you. The test is computed by assessing the moon constellations in the portrayal of the bride and groom.  

 Your game score is equal to 5.  


 Gana determines the attitude, personality and temperament of these people towards each other.  

 Your match score is equal to 6.  


 It is also named Rashikoot test. It assumes the overall health, prosperity and success of the married family.  

 This is one of the most significant tests because its highest score is 7.  


 This is the last Guna, and its greatest score is 8 points.  

 Test the hereditary compatibility of the couple to assure that they can have healthy children.  

 The highest score on this test is 8 points, it is also the real great influencer in kundali matching by nakshatra.