Kundali matching by name helps the bride and groom to live a life happily ever after.

Kundali matching by name helps the bride and groom to live a life happily ever after.

Kundali matching by name

The most common method of matching horoscopes is with the help of boy
and girl names. A total of 36 guns correspond to these names. The former is
sufficient using traditional methods, the latter is sufficient after any error
has been resolved. However, benevolence is very important and it solves all
problems and helps further in checking the compatibility between the groom
and the bride.

For potential matches for a wedding, the first step is to plan the kundali
matching by name. According to our ancestors and Hindu astrology, kundali
matching by name is an accessory to a long and happy marriage is needed.
By the kundali matching by name or Horoscope Association the name
ensures that the two people make up for each other. On several levels of
compatibility, also known as kuta helps those with a gun match.

Kundali matching by name helps couples understand each other’s inner
qualities. An important ritual for kundali matching by name to evaluate
whether the girl and the boy birth chart aligns their stars. Kundali matching
by name this name is used for people who do not have their own birth

The horoscope corresponds to the names of the constellations. The
horoscope is countable. Detailed folding and error horoscopes are studied, to
strengthen the couple proposed by the astrologer for marriage. Often the
details no one takes a correct or obvious birth and it interferes with the
kundali matching by name process.

In such cases, the horoscope comes to the rescue of one in the name of the
union. At the time of the kundali matching by name, there are a maximum
of 36 attributes or dots. A happy wedding should have at least 18 guns. 8
types of compatibility, also known as code, which is 36 times. They are:
Colour, Washed, Star, Friendship, Count, Bhakut, Pulse etc.
A successful kundali matching by name called union often leads to a happy
and very powerful married life. Brides and grooms should also consider their
age factor. The possibility of ending the disorder should also be investigated.
Kundali matching by name also reveal a lot of damage and dosha that could
disrupt your marriage. Herbal remedies are provided for victory as well.

How does the name work with the kundali matching by name?

The kundali matching by name is used to check the compatibility of the
marriage. The kundali matching by name also includes surnames.
The birth name is used to understand the birth of a child.
Finally, a healthy marriage is a place to find and nurture fertility as a couple,
even privately. Finding the right person can be a lot of hard work but once
compared to a zodiac sign, horoscope or birth, both families of parents can
begin the journey towards a happily ever after. People get it with the help of
Vedic astrological methods.

Long-term compatibility

Everyone knows that in a good and happy marriage it is important that the
virtue for happiness of two people is met. Without it, marriage will suffer greatly.
Therefore, astrology carries with it a measure of success in determining whether
a couple will be able to live a happy marriage. These rituals have been followed
for a long time and many people have benefited from its predictions.
Kundali matching by name is the first and most important stage of marriage.
This is where horoscope matching becomes necessary for marriage. The
process of horoscope matching can be done by grandparents, astrologers,
parents or anyone with sufficient experience in this field. It emphasizes the
proper compatibility of the two parties involved in matters of love, children,
ego and more. If any error or problem appears in the horoscope of the two,
some methods can be adopted to deal with it and help the bride and groom
to live a happy married life.