Kundali Matching by Name

Kundali Matching by Name

Your Kundali decides a lot of things in your life, and the most important aspect among these is the
compatibility you share with your life partner. Recently there has been a rise in kundali matching by
name since people are letting go of the orthodox ways in which kundalis are matched.
This makes sense since kundali matching by name is usually as efficient as other methods of astrology.
Further, this applies to both love marriages, and arranged marriages. Sharing your who live with another
person is not a simple affair. Therefore, you need to make sure you tick all the boxes.
Although there are some people who claim that kundali matching by name is not as efficient a method
as others. However, below we have given you some reasons why this process is just as reliable. Take a

1) Traditional Science
The process of kundali matching by name is also based on the traditional Ashtakoot method. This
method takes 8 different personality traits and matches them with your partner. Then various compatibility
points are compared against each other to determine the match.
Like elaborate traditional methods, kundali matching by name also makes use of comparisons on
people’s personalities based on Lunar constellations. This is known as Guna Milap- which is an ancient
way of determining compatibility in marriages.

2) Vedic Astrology
The Vedas are the most revered texts in Hindu religious literature. When people perform kundali
matching by the name they are actually employing age-old methodologies given in the Vedas. Even if the
process is not as elaborate, it has been known to give exact results.
Your Kundali is the mystical DNA given to you by nature. Except for Vedas there has been no other text in
the history of this planet that has been able to decipher their secrets. This is why experts who perform
kundali matching by name always make it a point to stick to the ancient rules laid down in the Vedas.

3) Gun Milan
The most important part of any kind of Kundali assessment is Gun Milan. In Hindu tradition, a person is
considered to have 36 gunas- all of which have to be matched and compared with the partner. Gunas,
and Doshs together determine how well suited the couple is together.
Kundali matching by name also makes sure that the process of Gun Milan is carried out with utmost
care. The experts also check the defects you have in your Kundali, which might create a hurdle in your
upcoming marriage life.

4) Happy Marriage

Once you have performed kundali matching by name you will come to know everything about the
relationship you will share with your partner. If there are any defects that might create problems in
the marriage- then you can easily sort them with your rituals.
This method also ensures the safety, and rounded growth of your children. Therefore, altogether- you
are able to have a happy and successful marriage.

If you are on your way to share your journey in life with another person, then we recommend you don’t
leave any weak points. Make sure you perform kundali matching by name and set a strong foundation
for your relationship.