Kundali matching can be kooky

Kundali matching can be kooky

Do you know what is Kundali? Have you ever been a part of an Indian marriage very closely from the
start? And if the answer is yes, I am very sure you might be aware of one of the rituals which Indian
marriages have. This ritual is called Kundali matching. Now before we even start talking about what
kundali matching is, we would like to give you a brief on what Kundali is. if you’re someone who has an
interest in astrology or has some amount of knowledge in the field of astrology, we are very sure you
might have heard about Kundali in some of the other ways you might be aware of the phenomena but
you might not know that it is called Kundali and just so that we all are at the same page let’s get a
clearer understanding about what a Kundali is.

Kundali and Marraiges?

Kundali can come under a scientific phenomenon but the fact that the information that you get out from
a Kundali is so generalized that it becomes difficult to term that or coin it as a scientific phenomenon.
not just that but there are many kinds of research and studies which multiple scientists across the globe
have conducted and they have concluded that this is something beyond science and science cannot
prove the results which you get in astrology. So, talking about Kundali, it is something which every
Indian has. Kundali is something that every parent has referred to in some of the other ways at different
times in their lives. it is something that acts as a road map or helps you figure out answers to the
questions which science cannot give you. though this is something which is not pure science or a
phenomenon which cannot be called a scientific the accuracy of the predictions is something which
always leaves us surprised. Kundali something which is made when you are born it takes in data about
your birthplace and also about the time when you were born and it has to be very precise so that the
results which you get out from your Kundali to remain accurate enough. And now that you know what a
Kundali is Kundali matching becomes self-explanatory. The reason why this is a very important part of
the ritual in India is that parents play a prominent role when it comes to Indian marriages. you might be
wondering that what parents have to do about their children’s love life but in India that is not the case
because the concept of arranged marriages is very famous and it is something which is extremely
common in India.

So, before those children get married or rather before they even think of their children getting married
the first thing which is done between both the families is that they match their kundali. and if the results
a positive or if the Kundali has no Manglik Dosh then only both the families move ahead for their
marriage. you might have a very genuine question that how the position of any planet outside earth
which is 1,000,000 kilometers away from earth determine what is going to happen in the love life of
those two lovers? or how is it even possible for someone to predict whether both the lovers are going to
be compatible or not? no only answer behind this is astrology and kundali. you might be surprised to
know how complex mathematics the process of kundali making requires and that is the only reason why
you have to have somebody who is extremely knowledgeable in this domain and you do not go to
someone who is fake or who is a fraud the only reason behind that is the kundali which he will give you
is not going to be accurate and it can be deceiving at times.

What if you don’t check the kundali?

Now it is obvious that all the marriages won’t be arranged because we have lovers who prefer love
marriages over arranged marriages and in that case you might have a very genuine doubt that is it OK to
check the kundali or will acting the kundali of lovers is going to be a good idea and the answer is yes no
matter how much you love each other the country is going to have some influence on you and your life
so it is always a good idea to be aware of what’s going to happen in the future so that you can start
considering the remedial actions which many astrologers will give you in case if you find something
unpleasant in your kundali and you can fix that so there is no good reason for you to not check it before
you get married to your loved one so maybe arranged marriage or maybe love marriage you have to
check your kundali first as that will give you a clearer idea about how your love life is going to be and not
just that it will also let you know about other things.