Kundali Matching in the Modern Era and Progressing Technology

Kundali Matching in the modern era and progressing technology

Kundali matching simply is the system wherein the kundali’s of two potential partners is matched prior to fixing any marriage alliance between them. This is done mainly to ensure that they are the right fit for each other. Most of us ponder about our life and what the future has in store for us especially thoughts regarding marriage. Many of us often wonder how are married life would be, the nature of our spouse, etc. These questions are unavoidable and do arise in the mind when an individual is going through a specific phase in their life. Due to the lack of any kind of progress, it is understood that people feel stuck and tired.

Kundali Matching – A practice followed from an ancient era

From the ancient civilization that had several yugas, Kundali Milan has played a great role in determining whether the possibility of a marriage union exists for the partners as per the Vedic Astrology. This sounds outdated and totally superstitious yet it is the hidden reality of every era. This process is carried on by matching the Janam kundali’s of two individuals. Birth horoscope or Janam Kundali contains crucial information regarding a person, be it about his personality traits, career or marriage predictions, challenges to be faced in life etc. Kundali matching can possibly outline the facts regarding the post marriage lifestyle between the partners and how they are going to lead that life. And via this matching, it is predicted that whether they are made for each other or not.

While people who are about to get married in a love marriage scenario considers it to be superstition and loathe the idea of getting their kundali’s matched before proceeding for marriage with their ideal partners. This generally results out from the possibility of the consequence if whether the results from matchmaking would come out to be negative and against the possibility of marriage.

However, what people fail to analyses here is that even after the marriage in case the kundali’s and gunn of both the individuals in the marital union does not match, then this could even lead to an unhappy married life. This can arise because of the financial constraints faced by the partners, problems in conceiving a baby, running in loss when it comes to career and business, etc. So, many possibilities are left not analyzed wherein the couple rush into marriage rituals without getting their Kundali matched.

Kundali Matching in the modern era
Kundali Matching for Young Couples

This kind of life surely would not be accepted and wanted by anybody especially with the person you love. So, via Kundali matching in case there are certain issues in marriage possibilities can be solved via doing certain remedies to diminish the bad effects of planets in the life of the couple.

Thus, rather than being a superstition lacking scientific evidence as believed by people. Kundali matching on the other hand is a boon to mankind if the readings and predictions are made by trusted and genuine astrologers.