Kundali Matching is a great way to ensure a harmonious married life

Kundali Matching is a great way to ensure a harmonious married life

Kundali Matching is an ancient way to make sure that the potential bride and
groom are fit for one another and compatible with each other. Marriages are
auspicious and should be performed very carefully. Kundali Matching is a part
of Vedic Indian Astrology and both the families come together to see whether
their children are compatible for the rest of their lives.
Kundali Matching is done to make sure that if any problems occur in a couple’s
life later due to some malefic placement of a planet in their charts, remedies can
be done and the couple can be spared from the unpleasant effect.
Kundali Matching is not Guna Milan

Many people mistake Kundali Matching to be the same as Guna Milan. Guna
Milan is a part of Kundali Matching, where eight Gunas or qualities of the
potential bride and groom are compared to see whether they’re compatible or
not. Although Guna Milan is not the only criteria. Several factors decide the
longevity and harmony of married life, apart from it. 
Ingredients for Kundali Matching

The most sought-after way to match Kundalis is with the Date of Birth, Place,
and Time of the couples’ birth. They are taken into consideration to see the type
of influence and magnitude that each plant had cast at the time of couple’s birth.

Kundali Matching with Date of Birth Only

Some people are not aware of their exact birth time. Hence, for them, Kundali
Matching seems like an impossible task. There are various ways with which
the Kundalis are matched with one another. If birth time is not available,
Kundalis can also be matched with date of births. Astrologers who know
the Prasha Chart way for Kundali Matching can do so with the date of birth
only. They can even base it on chakras like Kot Chakra, Sarvatobhadra Chakra,
Kalachakra, etc. When only the date of birth is known, it is important to consult
an experienced astrologer who has had experience in Kundali Matching of more
than ten years.

According to Dr. Vinay Bajrangi, a renowned Vedic astrologer based in Noida,
it is important to match Kundalis face to face. If the time of the birth is not
available, people can also opt for the Birth Time Rectification process and
consult with him. 

Not Always True…

There is online software available for Kundali Matching with Date of Birth
only. But these predictions often do not come true as they are randomly pulled
from a mechanized pool. A lot depends on various factors like family
background, perception, way of life, ideologies, etc. 

Kundali Matching— A boon or a bane?

If a couple has a dosha (malefic effect), there are upayas or remedies available
too, to neutralize the negative effect of the dosha. Many people, especially
youngsters, have started to demean this ancient system because they deem it as
a barrier in their married life. One has to understand that it is not so. It is a tool
to further enhance your progress in life, happiness, financial stability, etc.