Kundali matching made easy with the online process

If your parents had an arranged marriage then you must have heard them say like their kundalis were matched first then the marriage was fixed. So what exactly is the concept of kundali matching? Why is kundali matching or kundali Milan so important for an arranged marriage? How to do kundali matching online? Well do not stress yourself out, all your doubts will be cleared in this article. 

What does kundali matching mean? 

Marriage or Vivaha is one of the 16 rites or samskaras of ceremony in India. Samskaras are the major turning points in a person’s life, that’s why they are celebrated and respected. Kundali matching can be referred to as horoscope matching of the boy and girl before marriage. Ashtakoot and Dashtakoot are two important matching arrangements in Vedic astrology. It represents the impact of the stars on married life and any match should be adequately settled for a successful and happy married life. Earlier kundali matching was done by the respected priests of both the families by interchanging the kundalis of boy and girl. This was a lengthy process. So to save that time kundali matching can now be done online. You just need to enter the details of boy and girl and you will get accurate results in seconds!  


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Importance of Kundali Matching 

Kundali matching online is done based on the Ashtakoot method where 8 different personality traits of the boy and girl are compared then certain points are assigned to them based on compatibility. Vedic astrology has a proven method of kundali matching that is based on Nakshatras (Lunar Constellations) which is known as Ashtakoot Milap or just Guna Milap.  

Since earlier times, Hindus have put their trust in Vedic astrology whether it is choosing the right career option or choosing the right partner. Vedic astrology helps a person to find the most compatible partner to live a happy life together. The most important part of kundali matching is the moon’s position in the birth chart of the bride and groom. It is said the more points of compatibility, the happier they live. Astrologers have to carefully analyze every aspect of both the kundalis and tell how many gunas and doshas there are. This is a lengthy process with chances of mistakes but Kundali matching online gives you reliable results in seconds. 

How to do kundali matching online?  

With everything getting online from shopping to booking a cab, life has become a lot easier. Anything you want gets to you with just a click! Now kundali matching has also become online with the help of amazing software. Now you don’t have to wait for days to know whether the kundali of the boy and girl matched or not. Kundali matching online can be done anytime and anywhere from any device. What you have to do is just enter the name, date of birth, exact time of birth, etc of both boy and girl and you will get your results with just one click! Now save your time and efforts with kundali matching online.