Kundali Matching

Kundali Matching

Kundali Matching dates back to ancient times. Kundali Milan was a method created by our noted
astrologers to determine, on the basis of the stars, the compatibility between two people.
According to Hindu astrology, it is assumed that our lives are influenced by the different planets
and hence it was an age-old practice to match the kundali before fixing marriages to ensure a
blissful married life. They say that in heaven, marriages are set! So, this is why the horoscope
matching process is a crucial step before every union is solemnized.

It is an exceedingly necessary practice carried out to ensure the compatibility of the prospective
bride and groom with each other. It is assured that the marriage life of the bride and the groom
will be blissful and happy, thus the Kundali Matching. In recent times, due to flexible options
and an increase in the number of Love marriages, people are often blinded and sideline the
Doshas of the Kundali, only to land in an unhappy marriage or other life problems.

Ashta Koota Milan is performed in Kundali Matching, where 36 points are considered between
the two horoscopes. Matching 18 or more points is perceived to be sufficient for a successful
marriage. Anything below 18 is not considered feasible and the marriage partnership is
recommended not to go forward.

The phase of Kundali Matching or Milan is all about matching behaviors, compatibility,
relationship, behavior, etc. The astrologer will discover whether the prospective bride and
groom will lead a happy married life depends on these considerations.

There is a growing tendency in India to adopt the ideology of the West, and people do not accept
Matching Kundali / Horoscopes. Moreover, Kundali Matching doesn’t hold any importance for
those couples who are in love. When the mental and emotional vibes correlate to the two, a
healthy marriage exists. Sometimes, though, there are many concerns that can crop up owing to
the horoscope’s mismatch.

However, one would love to stay with their partner, amid these challenges, because they love
him/her so much. There are many solutions available to fix the Kundali dosha, and the solutions
to the problems are immediate—

Yoni Dosh: One will easily get rid of it if the astrologer learns Yoni dosha while matching
Kundalis. The person with the Dosh will be asked by the astrologer to do a special pooja, to get
interested in charities, gifts and other charity work. With positivity and gratitude, the blessings
received through the ceremonies will fill the imperfections of the coming time of one’s life. It is
advisable to begin following the instructions without second thoughts.

Mangal Dosh: It is also called Kuja dosha and is one of the most feared doshas in married life.
About 50 percent of people find it in their Kundlis. To remove this dosha, there are numerous
remedies such as reciting Hanuman Chalisa, holding fasts, Kumbh Vivah, or getting married to a
a person who is also a Manglik. There are many other doshas that can occur while matching
Kundali, but rest assured that through the Mantras, Poojas and using the different
Yantras/gemstones, their effects can be minimized.

Bhakoot Dosh: The thorough relationship between the bride and the groom is all about Kundali
Matching. 9-5, 12-2 & 6-8 variations are found in the Bhakoot dosha in the Kundali of the bride
and the groom, and it is literally the product of both the horoscope’s mixture of the Moon signs.
There are some issues that occur in a couple’s married life due to the Bhakoot dosh, such as
marital troubles, mental turbulence, injuries, financial setbacks, work loss, maternity, and
problems linked to childbirth, and even health complications. It is very feared, and attempts
should be taken under all situations to mitigate its effects as the dosh guarantees that long-term
relationships collapse. To decrease the results, one could use various yantras/ gemstones,
conduct Maha Mrityunjay Jaap periodically, and distribute food, clothing, and cows to poor
people, to decrease Bhakoot Dosh’s malicious effects.

When luck leaves hands, everybody goes through a period of losses, sorrows, illnesses, and
numerous other challenges. To live peacefully with one’s partner considering the mismatch with
Kundali Matching, people can always adopt some remedies.