Kundali Milan By Name and its Importance in a Good Marriage


Marriage is one of the most important phases in an individual’s life. Since the time we were born,
our lives have been mapped out into different stages and phases. The first is of an infant which
depicts initial childhood days where one is completely unaware of his surroundings and depends
solely on the providers of the child. The second stage is that of a toddler where one is in the
blissful throes of childhood enjoying each day with no care for the field. The third stage is when
a child enters adolescence, a period where they start discovering themselves and their
personalities. From adolescence, one moves into adulthood where careers become a big and
significant part of life. Well established in a career, the individual finally moves onto the stage of
marriage, perhaps the most desired stage of them all. It is here where one seeks true love and the
immeasurable happiness that comes along with it. One always desires the perfect individual by
their side with whom they can go through the next stages of their life that are old age and finally
death. Man desires the stage of a lover more than anything and it is the reason everyone desires a
good married life. 

Why is a Good Married Life Important?

Well, it is no alien concept that a good marriage is important to everyone. A good marriage
includes a good partner who can be by your side during the hardest days of your life. A good
marriage helps and supports one to grow and develop in life as it is at that point when a man is
faced with achieving stability in their lives. Good marriage between the couple imparts similar
values in the children of the family who will look up to their parents and follow their parts someday. A bad marriage consequently results in bad relations, stresses, and increased burdens. This
can consequently affect a person’s work and career as stress is never a motivating factor in your
professional life. This will make the person fall behind others and not achieve the goals he
chalked out for himself. Needless to say, a good marriage is desired by all because happiness is
the most underrated and desired thing in life. That is why, most people in India, have turned to
the concept of Kundali Matching through Kundali Milan by name or Kundali Matching by date
and time of birth to find the perfect matches for themselves. 

What is Kundali Matching?

Kundali Matching is a concept where the compatibility levels in a prospective match are
checked. Having originated from Vedic times, Kundali matching has become a prominent
process throughout the years. Even in today’s modern times, it has been accepted and
consequently, a tonne of online kundali matching sites have come up. Kundali matching requires
the Janam kundalis of both the individuals who are supposed to get married. The Janam kundalis
contains the name, time, and date of birth of the couple. These names, time, and date translate
accordingly to the stars, constellations, and planets revolving above. These positions of planets in
different houses related to the name and date of birth of the individuals are the basis for
conducting the study of compatibility levels. After the compatibility levels are checked in
various sectors, it is decided if the marriage is auspicious or not, and consequently moved
forward with. 

What is Kundali Milan by name and how is it helpful?

Kundali Milan by name occurs when during kundali matching, the majority proportion of the
match is made by focusing on the name of the bride and the groom and relating it with the stars
and planets above. Kundali Milan by name has the power to predict many different things about
the individual. Few of these are the Durability of the relationship and how long it may last, the
levels of friendship that will exist between the couple, the possible setbacks, struggles, mishaps,
and misunderstandings that may obstruct the couple’s married life, the attitude and temperament
of the couple, the physical and emotional compatibility which will exist between the couple, and
many other such aspects. All in all, kundali Milan by name is a good means of indicating
whether the marriage will be successful or not.