Let’s Talk About The Science Of Kundali Matching

Let's Talk About The Science Of Kundali Matching

What do we know about Kundali Matching?

It is a process of reading and matching the birth charts of two individuals to
determine the probability of a happy marriage. The most significant purpose of
Kundali Matching is to make assessments about the future possibility of the
compatibility between the prospective couple and to assure harmony and peace in
their married life. This guides the people to find the right match considering the major
factors that influence one’s life. The process entails the assessment of the positions
of the planets and their arrangements in the horoscope chart of both the person is
analyzed to reach a valid conclusion.

The most crucial details about the planets are obtained and determined with the help
of name, birth-date, birth-place, and birth-time. Indians are more predisposed to the
Idea of preparing Kundali at the birth time of the child. In cases where Kundali
couldn’t be prepared at the birth time of the child, It is possible to prepare it later
anytime with sufficient details.

Kundali Matching Process

Janam Kundali is another name for Kundali Matching, if one prepares with relevant
details and read by a skilled astrologer can work wonders for predicting about the
person. It can provide reliable estimation regarding the qualities and shortcomings of
the person. It can also provide the right prediction about future events and things that
occurred in past. It is the reflection of one’s deeds or actions. It determines the exact
personality and traits of a person. Hence, making a comparison of 2 different Janam

Kundali means weighing the mentioned characteristics for 2 different people. This
comparison concludes upon the compatibility, health, wealth, and life
Significance of Kundali Matching

In ancient texts of Hinduism, marriages are considered as the holiest union of two
souls. Since centuries, marriages are accepted as a favorable omen that is performed
with huge celebrations. Marriage is a big commitment where two-person spend their
life with each other with a promise of forever. And hence, just like any parents, the
parents want to assure happiness and peace in their children’s marriage. In order to
make sure about this, they are always ready to find trustworthy sources that can
provide them with reliable and accurate advice that will help in deciding for their future
in marriage.

The science of Kundali Matching

This process is a study of planets or the science which explains the future predictions
considering the marriage and children prospects. Some of the times, the details in
Kundali may reveal that the prospective bride and groom will not be happy in the
marriage because of particular planetary arrangements, at such times the marriage is
not recommended. Hence Vedic Astrology and its characteristics for matching
Kundali is the solution to the problem of matchmaking or to be aware of defects
present in the charts. If the match scores well, the chances of marriage being
successful increases.

Results of Kundali Matching

The major aim of the Kundali Matching is to ascertain if the prospective bride and
groom are right for one another or otherwise. There are usually three results possible
that we’ll talk about:

 Two completely different person matches well in the charts and is compatible
to each other in the long term. No one loses in such a situation. Marriage is

 The Two different people are not suitable for one another but their compatibility
is good for getting married. This can be worked upon and the solution may be
available for the issues.

 The two-person is not a bit compatible with each other and neither suitable for
getting married to one another. Both sides lose here. Marriage isn’t

Based on these results, marriage is suggested or not suggested. Sometimes, people
may look for remedies to marry the person of their choice, even when Kundali doesn’t
match. In such cases, it is recommended to consult a highly skilled astrologer
personally and get detailed reading and remedies available for your doshas. For good
results, you need to make sure the details are reliable and the astrologer is much
learned in his field. However, when the astrologer says to go ahead with the
marriage, an auspicious time and date for marriage are decided upon.