Living in a country like India one tends to be all aware of the importance and the
significance of traditions and customs. And this is because we all have been told for
a long that how vital are these traditions and rituals in order to strive ahead in life. From
marriage, health, finance, longevity, love, relationships, love ad even sexual
compatibilities, everything can be determined by the charms of kundali matching. And
these concepts of kundali matching were carved out of the process and long-prevailing of
the significance of astrology.

Vedic astrology and its concepts have given us the hope of predicting our future beforehand. And these predictions also help s in being prepared beforehand for all the shortcomings that we are probably about to face in the future. Since kundali matching helps us determine all the factors of compatibilities between the two natives involved, then one should know that planets are one of the vital sources in determining the future of one’s
married life. So, let us have a look at the planets that affect health, love, and finance.


This planet is the one which examines the love life of an individual and this planet when in
an auspicious position gives us a good love life to both the bride ad the groom. ends
basically tend to examine the intimate and emotional love relationships of an individual. It
governs courtship and adoration in one’s relationship.


Apart from love, the other factor which is quite important in terms of a good life are the
aspects of health in one’s life. So, in terms of health Jupiter is the planet that defines and
represents the karaoke of thighs, fat, lunges, kidneys, ears, and a lot more of our bodily
organs. And an afflicted Jupiter might cause a lot of health issues in one’s life. And an
auspicious Jupiter will definitely protect you from any sorts of health issues.


Well. we have had a look into these two plants on an individual level, but as for these two
together they examine the quotient of wealth and material possessions in the life of the
two natives. And these two planets rule money, wealth, fame, and all the materialistic
aspects of one’s life. According to the above observations, these two planets gives us a good enough insight
into our personal life. So, Jupiter and venus hold most of the analysis of our personal